Preschool Girl's Back-To-School Haul 2018

I used to be the parent that would throw away, donate, or get rid of all my kid's clothes each season regardless of whether or not they still fit, and then just start fresh from scratch the following year/season. It's taken me a few years, but I've finally come to learn that your kids can actually wear the same clothes two years in a row if they still fit, and no one will die... **gasp**!

Jay needed a ton of new clothes and things for school this year, but Em actually has a good collection of clothes from last fall and winter that still fit her. She needed mostly new pants, and I did get her a few new tops, and a fresh pair of sneakers, but outside of that, I didn't have to get nearly as much for her as I did for Jay. Her backpack is still in great shape, and since she's still in 2.5 hour/day preschool, she doesn't need a lunchbox or any of that either. It was nice for Em to be the less expensive child for a change. 

Like in Jay's clothing haul, I got all of Em's tops from JC Penny, and then all of her pants from The Children's Place. JCPenny had awesome deals on these tops, and most of them were under $4! I love The Children's Place for pants, because they have slim sizes, which are perfect for Em and her very small frame! 

This is the first time that we will be trying Converse brand sneakers with her leg braces, but I'll be sure to update you all on how it goes once the shoes get here! If you're in the market for new shoes though, these ones were part of the Nordstrom sale and were only $25! 

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  1. After the kids clothes don't fit, you can also trade them in at consignment stores for credit for more clothes.