A Huge Life Update

It's been a long time since I've done a life update over here and I feel like so much has happened just since our last medical update with Em that I thought it would be good to sit down and write what's been going on in all of our lives. These posts are the most meaningful to me since I don't really write a formal journal, so having these posts to look back on is more beneficial for me than anything else, but I know you all love them as well, so here we go. 

The Em Update: 
Em's hip dysplasia is still stable. She goes in for x-rays and botox injections next week, and we'll know more information on that from there. We've had a crazy few months and haven't gotten her into the chiropractor as much as I would have liked to, and I'm hoping that won't have a negative impact on things when we get in there. 

Em is doing really well in PT right now. She started cruising on furniture this summer, but now that her botox is worn off again her legs are super tight and she doesn't like doing it all that much. We're hoping we can get some good forward momentum going once the new injections are active again. She also just got fitted for new leg braces and should have those in the next few weeks too!

Em got glasses! I'm sure some of you have seen them on social media, but Em got some new glasses at the end of the summer and they are dang cute on her. She has a pretty strong astigmatism, so she's wearing them full time, and she absolutely loves them! 

Currently she has a stomach bug and has been sick the last few days. Keep her in your prayers that she won't end up in the ER, that she'll be able to get the nutrients she needs, and that it won't negatively affect her BMI, which is always a huge concern for us. 

She just had her school testing done and I'm a little frustrated with her results. I feel like they give the kids in her class these crazy assessments that make the kids score super low because it's things that no human would ever work on with their kids. So then the results come back and say she's not smart enough to dual enroll with the special needs preschool class and the main stream preschool class in her school. It's frustrating because I don't care if she goes into the other class and "fails", and isn't up to speed with them all, I'm interested in the other benefits. Em is the only kid in her class that currently talks and I want her learning to communicate with her same age peers. I want her to be pushed and stretched. 

One thing they tested her on was, "What do you use a fork for?", the answer should have been eating, but Em didn't answer the question so they mark it wrong. If you put a fork and food in front of her, she knows what to do with it. They then flip the question around and say, "What do you use to eat?" and the answer should be, "A fork". I just feel like they waste time I things that aren't as important. 

Today she saw an excavator, pointed to it and said, "It's an excavator!" And she was right. I just feel like they give these standardize test that don't do a fair representation of the actual intelligence she has, and then keep her in a bubble because of it. I just want her to have the chance to try and potentially thrive with her typical peers. 

The Jay Update:   
Jay just started first grade this year. He is reading well and is doing alright in math. He's making new friends and has adjusted well from 2 hour kindergarten to full day first grade much better than I expected that he would. He buys his lunch in the cafeteria each day, and he loves the independence of getting to pick exactly what he eats. Luckily he picks out pretty healthy food, so I feel like it's good for him to be able to explore this whole cafeteria thing on his own.  

He started playing soccer a few weeks ago and loves it. He did a week long soccer camp during the summer which I think was really good to get him caught up to speed with his peers. We're kind of late to the soccer game in Utah, so while he isn't the best on his team, you can tell he definitely works hard, and has a good time which in my opinion is the most important part. 

Jay's eyes haven't been super great the last few months. His eyes were crossed when he was younger so he had an eye surgery to correct that, and since then they have been drifting out (like a lazy eye). We've been correcting it with glasses, but they only work to correct the problem for so long, and it looks like we're going to be having another surgery by the end of the year. I've mostly washed my hands of the whole situation and just feel like it is what it is. We feel confident in our ophthalmologist here in Utah and feel like he really has Jay's best interest at heart, and so we're just going to trust that it's all going to work out eventually. 

Jay got into a scooter accident a few weeks ago. He went to turn the corner and the handle bar hit him right below the eye pretty hard. He got four stitches in his cheek and tore his cornea, but it's all healed now for the most part. There's a chance that he might have broken his eye socket. If he did, they wouldn't have done the surgery to fix it until a few weeks after the incident anyways, and so we're going into the eye doctor this week to see if thats broken or not. 

Originally Derek and I didn't think it was, because he wasn't in pain or complaining about it. But this last weekend his eye bruised again all of a sudden and we're thinking that it might actually be broken now. We'll report back when we know more. 

The House Update: 
We have officially bought and moved into our new home. We've been here for about three weeks now and love every bit of it. We had painters come in and paint all the walls gray, and it's instantly helped to make the home look more up to date. We know that this house was hand picked for us from Heavenly Father and can't wait to live here for years and years to come. It truly is our forever home. 

The Paige update: 
I've been super busy the last few weeks. I started the last year of my Bachelor's Degree last month and so far I'm doing well! All As! We'll see if that's still the case another month from now. I'm currently taking 7 classes and 16 credits. I mostly do school work non-stop Monday through Wednesday, and then the load gets a little lighter towards the end of the week, 

Blogging has become second to school work lately, which I feel bad about but I know I can't do it all. I have a lot of great posts coming out through the end of the month though, so be on the lookout for those. I recently signed with a media publishing team who will be writing content for my site 1-2 times per week. Basically they write the post, send it to me, I edit it to make it fit my blog a little better, add a picture that I've taken, and then publish it. The benefit for them is that they get links and SEO for their websites and brands that they're working with via the links I put in the posts, and I get paid to have the posts on my blog, and you guys still get content over here. These posts will be marked with a contributor tag at the bottom of the post. It's been a great way for me to get posts out while in school and still keep this thing running. 

I did my century ride a few weeks ago. More coming on that in a future post. Still don't know what my next athletic goal will be, but it may have to wait until after school is done in July because I literally have no time for heavy training right now. 

I recently got called to be the young women president at church, which isn't me bragging about a calling, but more to say that if my life wasn't busy already, this certainly took it to a whole other level. I don't feel like I'm drowning as much anymore, which is always nice. If I make it through the next few years without anyone exploding, then I'll feel like I've done my job. 

The Derek Update:
Derek's main lot in life is to walk me off the edge when all of the above starts to make me lose my mind. He's honestly the most supportive human being in the world. I recently went on a work trip and people were so over the moon impressed that he would take care of the kids while I was gone... but like... he's a dad. It's his job to raise the kids too, and he does a dang good job at it. I hate when people act like dads are a second class parent in the home. They're not, and Derek's awesome. 

He's been with L3 for a year now and still going strong. He's been interested in developing some gaming apps for apple devices, which he's been studying and working on in his free time. It's fun for me to watch him have an interest in something now that he's done with all of his schooling and can have hobbies again. 

If you made it through the end of this, you're a champ! Maybe I'll do the next one sooner than this one so it's not a million words long!


  1. Wait, your hubby works for L3? That's fantastic!! They used to be in my building where I work until they built their new building.
    I'm glad to hear some good things are happening.
    I am with you on the testing- my son was held back a year for cancer treatment and the testing just doesn't do them justice. And then they had a fun run at school and he was so far behind everyone cause of muscle weakness. It totally breaks my heart.
    Good luck with the new braces, the eye stuff, school, and life!
    I am very excited for you guys. I hope you enjoyed conference too!

    1. Ha I love those small world coincidences! I'm sorry you're battling the same things with your son! It's so hard to constantly feel like you're fighting a broken system! My heart goes out to you!

  2. So are you guys still living in layton in the new home? I thought you mentioned that before.

    1. Yes! We're still in Layton! We're actually just a few doors down from the house we were renting!

  3. This post is great! Love the update! And now I really want overalls. These look amazing! Also, who is your ophthalmologist? My brother-in-law is an ophthalmologist and is near you.