20+ Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Love

Each holiday season I feel myself wanting to be more and more intentional with the things that we're bringing into our home. I want my kids to have a combination of really loving and enjoying Christmas, but also receiving items that were really intentional and thought out, and not just things to fill up more space under a tree, or cheap dollar store toys (not discounting that some things from the dollar store really are awesome) that will break in ten seconds and become trash a day later. 

If you, like me, want to get your kids things that they will use, love, and last longer than just winter break, I have an awesome list of things your kids will love. Like all gift guides, no, we're not putting all of these things in our kids stockings, but this is merely to share with you some awesome ideas of things you could get for your kids! 

Adaptive Scissors: Em has been needing a pair of these for at home. They have a loaded spring that helps them open on their own which is awesome. Stockings are a great way to get your kids a stock up on some school/craft items.

Tights: Em is constantly in need of new tights from all the crawling she does! Amazon always has some darling options! 

Headphones: We bought these for the kids a few years ago, and they've held up great! 

Beanie Boos: These have quickly become my favorite stuff animals. They remind me of collecting Beanie Babies when I was a kid, and it's fun to see my kids have an equivalent of that in their time. 

Crazy Straws: You can easily buy a pack of these and divide them among all the stockings in your house.  

Thank You Cards: My parents were so good at having us write thank you cards when we were young, and I want my kids to be in that habit too! I love these ones for young readers and writers that guides them through the format of writing one out. 

New Underwear: Christmas is a great time to replace your kid's underwear. This is something that I usually wait too long on to replace, so I like the idea of doing it at Christmas. 

Kid's Watch: Jay is at the age where he's starting to tell time. This would be a fun gift for him to get this year. 

Lego Minifigure: Who doesn't love a lego guy? 

Disposable Camera: I love the idea of passing this off to my kids and seeing what pictures they take! 

Small Lego Set: You can find a lot of small and inexpensive ones on Amazon! This one is under $4!

Kinetic Sand: Em plays with this often at preschool, so I thought it would be fun to get some for our house too!

Twistable Crayons: I love these twistable crayons because my kids can't peel off the wrappers and leave them everywhere

Playdough: Always playdough. 

Topsy Tail: These are awesome for little girl hairstyles to flip ponytails underneath themselves. I've been wanting to get one for Em for a while, and they're perfect size for a stocking! 

Hair Brush: Because it's needed. 

Fun Toothpaste: Because what little boy doesn't want Spider-Man toothpaste? 

Bath Bombs: My kids and I love bath bombs, so these would be fun for their stockings. You get 6 for $12 and could divide them between a few stockings, and these ones have a toy for kids on the inside! 

Hair Bows: I love hair bows for Em, and this pigtail set is an awesome deal! 

Card Games: We love games in our house, and this is something fun and inexpensive that's great for a stocking! 

Water Beads: This is a fun sensory activity that will keep your kids entertained for hours over winter break! 

Invisible Ink Pens: These are super fun! Write a message with invisible ink, and then use the attached light to reveal the message! 

Socks: I swear I don't know what Em does with all of her socks, but we're definitely adding some to her stocking this year. 

Joke Book: Jay has been obsessed with telling jokes lately, so this has his name all over it. 

Other awesome ideas that didn't require internet links include:
Oranges or pomegrantes in the toe of the stocking
Small boxes of cereal
A new movie for the kids to watch if they wake up too early for presents
chapstick and other toiletries
Treat gift cards like McDonalds, or a local soda/cookie shop
Movie gift cards
New ornaments
Water bottle/sippy cups
Date with mom and dad coupons

What do you put in your kid's stockings? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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