My 2019 Goals

The year is over. Tomorrow morning when the sun rises it will be 2019. 2018 was so good to our family in so many ways. So many new milestones for Kyle and Kinsley (I'm ending using their fake names in 2019. The Jay and Em thing was too hard to keep up with, so I'm just going to use their real names from here on out.) Kinsley learned to walk on her own in a walker, her behavior is so much better than it was in 2017, and things just seem to be so much more stable and in a good place with her. Kyle made it through kindergarten and began first grade. He made it through his first bout of bullying, a second eye surgery, and a broken eye socket. It was quite the year for him medically, but he also had great moments of playing soccer and baseball for the first time, learning to read books on his own, riding a bike, and so much more. 

I had a pretty amazing year as well. I ran my first marathon, and did my first 100 mile bike ride. I started school again and finished my first semester with 6 A's and 1 B+. I experienced both growth and loss, happiness and sorrow, and found an increase in love and appreciation for my Savior. It's hard to believe a year could ever be as good as 2018 was, but there are a few things I'd love to see in 2019. 

This is the year that I would finally like to check a triathlon off my list of athletic accomplishments. When I was in Chicago for a blog trip this fall, I met my friends Bari and Suzy, who have both done triathlons before, and we agreed to all do one together in 2019 in LA. I'm super jazzed for that, and am hoping we can time it just right for our family trip that we're planning (see next goal for details). 

This is the year that we're finally going to take a family vacation! And we're going to Disney Land! Since I'm already planning on being in LA to do the triathlon with Bari and Suzy, it seems right to make it a 2 for 1 trip and go to Disney too! We have a rice jar that we're filling in our home right now. Every time we do something good, we add rice to the jar, and when the jar is full we'll go to Disney! We're anticipating the jar being full in the summer or fall, which will be right in the middle of triathlon season as well. Hopefully the timing works well for everything. I originally had no desire to ever go to Disney, until I found out that people with disabilities get unlimited fast passes, and then all of a sudden the entire thing seemed a lot more desirable. 

This will be the year that I finally finish my Bachelor's Degree! It's been quite the nine year journey, and I look forward to it being complete come June! I already have an interview lined up for an internship this week, and am already applying for jobs working in the public health field, and it just has me really motivated to keep working towards finishing! After graduation in June, the goal is to get enrolled in a local university to finish up some pre-req classes, and start PT shadowing hours and then hopefully have everything that I need completed so that I can start PT school in the fall of 2020! It seems outrageous that these dreams that seemed so far away and unobtainable for so long are really becoming my reality and will all be here in just a few more months. I have so much gratitude for Derek and his support of my dreams. PT school is the goal for right now, but I'm leaving room for my paths to be changed as well. There are actually a few programs that have peaked my interest in the last little bit, including a PhD program, but PT school is the driving force that I'm working toward. 

2018 has been a little rough for me in the health department. From various running and biking injuries to more stomach problems that I ever thought were possible, I'm glad to be closing the door on 2018 and starting fresh in 2019. Derek and I have known that I've had a pork intolerance for a while now, but I think there might be other trigger foods involved as well. I've spent much of the last bit of 2018 in the bathroom (TMI I know), and I've even lost 10 pounds in the last month because of it. I've had a nagging feeling that I need to transition to a plant based diet for the last several months, and after the awful month I just had, I'm finally ready to make the switch. I'm not going to be crazy strict on it, and will mostly follow a vegetarian diet with minimal dairy products, and still feel free to eat what I want when we go out on the weekends, but I just want to try as best as I can to heal my stomach with good foods 80% of the time in hopes that some of the issues I've been having will finally go away. 

We signed up for the Meals Maker vegeterian meal plan (we bought it on Living Social for $7 for two months), and are super excited to use it. It emails you a new plan and shopping list each Friday, and the plan contains new breakfast, lunch, and dinners for the entire week. The plan is supposed to feed two people, so we just picked about 7-8 meals that looked good to us, and plan on doubling those recipes to make enough for our family. I'll be sure to share the recipes that are winners over here. There are a bunch that I'm really excited for! 

That's basically it for 2019! In a nutshell I just want to complete a triathlon, go to Disney with the family, finish school and get a job, while continuing to work towards PT school, and to stop pooping so much... It shouldn't be too hard right? 

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