Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

I don't do a lot of gift guides over here, especially for Mother's day when I don't feel like I really want anything, but over the last few weeks I've bought some things I've really loved, and I actually had a few good gift ideas for Derek, so I thought I would share some ideas with you in case you're in the camp of not knowing what you would like, hopefully these will spark some ideas. 

Food Storage Containers: I've been really into beefing up the cleaning and organization game of my home a little bit over the last few weeks. These containers are highly rated on amazon, come in a pack of 7, and cost a fraction of the price of the oxo brand ones that everyone raves about. Definitely worth a try! 

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: This has been the year where I "clean up" a lot of the bad products and things in our home. We've switched to mostly organic food, natural cleaning products, and have been reducing paper where possible. I recently started using microfiber cloths to clean my home instead of paper towels and have been loving them. This 50 pack of cloths is less than $20!

J Crew Vintage T-Shirt: Every summer I see so many cute shirts from J Crew and then never buy them. This is a bit of a splurge for me, but I did get some cute shirts for summer for Mother's Day this year. I can't wait for them to get here! This one has a star print on it and will be perfect for the Fourth of July! 

Steam Mop: This is my other Mother's Day gift this year and I'm so excited to get it. We have tile floors in our house, and I've been dying to get a steam mop to lift all that impossible dirt that naturally just gets stuck to tile. This one is highly rated on Amazon, has 10 total functions (carpet cleaner, steam mop, clothes steamer, etc...) 

J Crew Color Block Sweatshirt: I saw this and just knew it was me from the get go. It will be perfect for cool summer nights at Bear Lake, or our trip to San Diego this summer! 

J Crew Lace Sleeve T Shirt: If you know me, you know I love a good bold red shirt, with a good sleeve. Adding this one to the collection that is quickly growing in my closet right now. 

Letter Board: Letter boards are so trendy and fun right now. I bought this one a few weeks ago for our bedroom and seriously love it. It's a nice big size, highly rated on Amazon, and it's under $25 which is way less than what a lot of other people are selling them for!

A Nice Throw Blanket: We recently decorated our master bedroom in our new house and I bought this blanket for our bed. It is incredibly soft and just pure perfection. 10/10 recommend. 

Buffalo Check Pillow Covers: We have huge 26x26 buffalo check pillow covers on our king size bed right now and I love them! We also have 18x18 ones on our couch and I equally love them! Such a small little purchase that looks cute all the time!

Fit-Bit Versa: I got this watch last year for a blog project and have loved it ever since. It has all the same functions of an Apple Watch (from what I can tell), but costs half the price! You can even buy different bands and things for it too! 

Mason Jar Centerpiece: I had been looking for a new centerpiece for our table for ages, and finally bought this a few months ago. It's super cute, and I bought some of this boxwood plant greenery to go inside the bottles and it looks so cute! Plus, there was so much extra greenery I was able to use it in tons of other spots in our house! 

Buffalo Check Place Mats: I love being able to see the natural wood of my kitchen table and not covering it with a tablecloth, but I also want to protect it from kids at the same time. These place mats are such a happy middle ground. They're inexpensive, look great, wash great, and I love the look of them on the table with our mason jar centerpiece!

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