Our Summer Bucket List 2019

I am a firm believer in bucket lists. I like to set out a map or plan for what we're going to do each summer and then try my best to make those things happen. I don't ever feel guilty if at the end of summer we didn't do everything we intended, but as long as I know at the end of the summer my kids had fun, that's all I really hope for. 
Last summer I created this weekly summer schedule, where each day of the week we had a themed planned activity to do. I really liked that, and while it wasn't something we stuck to religiously, it was really helpful on the days when we were bored and didn't have something to do, we could look at that and be creative and make a plan out of thin air. 

We're in a whole new world with the kids where they're both consistently sleeping through the night (bless you Kinsley), and so travel is a bigger part of our summer than it has been previously. We're super excited for a lot of awesome trips over the next few months! 

A Trip to Bear Lake: Bear Lake is a huge summer tradition here in Utah. It's a small little lake town that everyone is obsessed with, and is a huge destination for family reunions. Last summer we did a day trip there, and I loved it so much I knew I wanted to make it an overnight trip this year. We're spending two nights and three days there, with plans of making one day a beach day, another day to rent ATVs and another day to relax, pack, and go home. We're super excited. 

Pioneer Trek: Derek and I got called to be a Ma and Pa for Pioneer Trek with our church. We'll be traveling 18 miles on the original Mormon Pioneer Trail in Wyoming, pulling handcarts in full skirts and pants. If that doesn't sound like a good time I can't help you. 

Camping: We like to go camping at least once per summer with the kids. Our church congregation makes this easy because they do a "ward campout" every year. Luckily this is happening one week before we move out of our ward, so it will be fun to do one last hurrah beforehand. 

MOVE! Have I mentioned we're moving this summer? We're moving 20 miles south of where we live now to be closer to Kinsley's new school and Derek's job. Our house has sold here in Layton and we move at the end of June. Super excited for a new adventure. 

Legoland California: We booked a trip a few months ago to take the kids to Legoland in California at the end of the summer. We were originally going to do Disney but Kyle found out that Legoland was a thing and begged for us to change plans. We booked two days at the park and one day at the aquarium and two nights in the Legoland castle hotel all for only $800. That's less than the price of just the tickets for two days at Disney, so once we realized the cost benefit of Legoland we were more than happy to make Kyle's wild Lego dreams come true. This will be our first BIG trip that we've ever taken the kids on, so we're super excited! (Ps, our hotel room has a separate bunk bed room for the kids... amazing!)

Three Hikes: We love getting out and hiking with the kids since we got our Ergo Baby Mesh 360 carrier for Kinsley last year. We're hoping to do Ensign Peak, Cascade Springs, and Bridal Veil Falls. 

Drive-Inn Movies: This has been on our list for YEARS and we've never done it. This will be our year! (hopefully) 

Rent a Boat: Derek and I have always wanted to be the boating family, or the ATV family, or the four wheeling family, and then realized how much it costs to own those things, store them, etc... We realized that we also likely wouldn't use them that much and realized how fun it would be to just do day rentals. Spend $100-$200 for one day of fun, or $10,000+ for something you'll hardly use. We've learned there is a real benefit to renting these things and giving our kids those experiences instead of saying, "we'll do that when we're rich and loaded..." and then be disappointed when that never happens.  We plan on doing a boat trip to Utah Lake this summer, and can't wait to make it happen!

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  1. My kids are not super excited that their mom is making them do homework this summer. They have to read for 20 minutes, do math facts (addition/subtraction/multiplication/division depending on age), and write a paragraph from a writing prompt. This is to help them stay on grade level for reading, practice handwriting so they don't spend the first month of school with their teacher asking them what does this say, and so when they start learning new math concepts they have the basic facts memorized. Its amazing how such a few things could make such a big difference for their school year. We also have a standing date to the pool with some friends, and a few other surprise activities for the kids this summer. Should be an adventure!

    1. Yes! We do similar school stuff with our kids! Not as much, but read is required for 30 minutes before any electronics, even Kinsley who has to do some alphabet flash cards before she gets any screens. We do need to order a math workbook for Kyle for him to work through so he stays on top of that!