4 Tips For Better Summer Road Trips with Kids

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We have a lot of big trips coming up this summer that will involve a lot of time spent in the car. Between traveling to Bear Lake, UT in August, San Diego at the beginning of September, and countless drives to visit family in Idaho, we have a lot of happy miles to spend together in the car this summer. Things like this used to really stress me out, but I've come up with a few things to make the best of the time we spend together. 

Have Awesome Snacks:
Your kids will ask for food the second you get on the highway to go anywhere. One thing that we've started doing is giving the kids their own bento box packed with snacks to keep them full and happy. The key here is making sure you pack the same exact thing in each kids box so that there aren't any arguments about someone having something that the other person didn't get. 

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Clean the Car Before You Leave:
I know most people clean their cars when they get home from a trip, but I like to have everything cleaned and organized before I leave as well. This means taking everything out that doesn't belong in there. Using an all purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth to wipe down the inside surfaces, and vacuuming up any dirt and debris. I find starting out in a clean and organized car is way better for my sanity and helps the trip get off on the right foot. 

Use Distraction Games:
When the kids are getting antsy and on each other's nerves, we like to play some games with the kids to distract them from bothering one another. We like to play things like, I Spy..., or asking random questions like, "Hey do you see that green sign?", or "Kinsley! Where is the mountain?" We've learned tricks like this quickly switch the tone in the car and get the kids focused on something else other than what was bothering them in that moment!

Use Electronics:
If we're just going three hours north to see Derek's family in Idaho we likely won't pack the DVD player or anything for the kids. They can typically behave for that long without needing to turn them into media zombies. However, I'm not above screen time when I know we're going to be locked in a car together for 10 1/2 hours on the way to California. I'll likely install new games on our phones to play, buy some new DVDs the kids haven't seen before, and download some books on our kindles for the kids to read! 

What are some of your summer road trip hacks? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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