Kindegarten Girl Back to School Haul 2019

It's become a bit of a tradition on the blog to share what we've gotten the kids for back to school clothes each year. I wasn't going to make this post this year, because I wasn't sure if people cared, but after expressing how hard it was to find good girl's clothes on Instagram, people wanted to see what I bought and where I got it from. After looking through my orders, I may have bought too much blue, and unicorns... but we're just going to run with it and make it work. If you want to see previous year's posts you can find them here: 
Kyle's Kindegarten (and preschool since he did both in one year)

Finding clothes for Kinsley is so tricky because she is so tall and skinny. So while she fits into a size 5 for the length, they're likely way too big on the waist. The Cat and Jack line at Target fit her perfectly with the size XS, but I'm almost positive I'll be returning the leggings from Kohl's for smaller sizes and hoping it works out. 

Another thing to note: Kinlsey only only only ever wears leggings. They're super easy to fit over her leg braces as opposed to skinny jeans, and are just so comfortable for someone who spends so much time crawling. Because of this, she wears her clothes out super fast and her leggings almost always get holes in the knees quickly. The Cat and Jack brand has a 1 year guarantee, but it's only good if you keep the receipt. We started keeping Kinsey's receipt in her dresser drawer so that we always know where they are so we can make these exchanges throughout the year, which we almost always need to do at least 2-3 times. 

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