Our Summer Morning Routine

This post was sponsored by General Mills, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Summer is my very favorite season of the year. Derek has more time off work, we take family trips, and we don't have a busy schedule where we're constantly running from one thing to the next. Even though the kids aren't in school, I like to stick to a very solid morning routine so that the kids know what they can expect for the most part, and it helps to get our day off on the right start. 

8:00AM: The kids wake up. Kyle comes into my room already dressed for the day to tell me good morning, and then goes into the living room to read until I make my way out of my room. Kinsley wakes up and she plays with some toys until I come in to let her out. I look through my emails and text messages to make sure there isn't anything pressing that needs to be done right away, and then I make my way into my bathroom to get dressed, comb my hair, wash my face, and brush my teeth. 

8:15AM: I head into Kinsley's room and get her ready for the day. I change her diaper, get her dressed, fix her hair, and put her leg braces on. I also take this time while we're in her room to go over her alphabet flashcards. I hold them up one by one and she says which letter it is. The ones she gets wrong, I lay out in front of her and say, "can you show me the... 'R'?" and she'll pick through the remaining ones she missed the first time around. 

8:45AM: The kids finally sit down for breakfast. We almost always have cereal in the morning. Since it's summer, we decided to add in the NEW Drumstick Cereals from Walmart into our morning lineup. I love that I can get it both in-store or online with grocery pickup, and that it is a fun summer themed cereal that helps make breakfast time just a little more exciting. Our kids are huge fans of the Drumstick Cereal Classic Vanilla Flavor, but I also really love the Drumstick Cereal Mint Chocolate variety as well! If you're looking for some fun options to have a great summer breakfast for your kids, definitely add these NEW Drumstick Cereals from General Mills into your summer rotation! 

9:15AM: Once we're done eating breakfast, we clean up our messes and start working on chores. Kyle goes and cleans his room, makes his bed, and puts any and all dirty clothes into the laundry. Kinsley cleans up her toys in her living room and bedroom while I make her bed. While they clean I go ahead and wipe down the kitchen, and clean my room before going into Kinsley's room to help her. 

9:45AM: I sit down at the table to and start working for the day... Whether that be on the blog, school work, or getting things done for The Bamboo Brace. I get a solid couple hours of work in while the kids play with toys, or read books before the entire afternoon routine starts... but that's a post for another day ;)

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