RV Pony Express Deluxe Cabin Tour

As of Thursday at 5pm, Derek and I sold our house. I feel like I never did a great job at explaining this move, or why we were doing it, but the short answer is that Kinsley got into a new school for next year, 20 miles south of us, in the same town Derek was already working, so it just made sense for us to all be down there instead of commuting each day from our old home. 

We couldn't move into our new house until July 3rd at the earliest, so we had a few days of staying here at this cabin, and then going to Idaho to spend time with Derek's family as well. When traveling with our kids, if possible, I like to have a separate space for the kids to sleep. Kinsley is such a light sleeper that if nothing else, she needs her own space to get a good night's sleep. Often this looks like her sleeping on an air mattress on the floor of the living room in a hotel suite, and Kyle is in the bedroom with Derek and I.

When we were looking for places to stay in Salt Lake for a couple days this week, we came across the RV Pony Express Resort. This place has RV parking camping spots, along with cabins of varying sizes and amenities. We went for the deluxe cabin since it had a bunk bed room for the kids, a bedroom for Derek and I, a living room, and a full working kitchen. This made traveling super easy, limited eating out, and the kids had their own spaces for sleeping. 

One thing to note about the cabin is that the website said that it came with no linens on the beds, or towels, so we brought all of our own stuff, and it turns out all the beds were made when we got here, and we were stocked with towels as well. It also said you had to pay to rent the bikes, and those were free. If you have any questions about what the website says before you book a stay, I would call ahead of time to confirm. 

We also stayed here because it was pet friendly. We brought our dog at no extra cost, and they even had a dog park for him to run around and play. Other amenities that we loved were swimming at the pool in the evening, riding a family surrey bike, and playing with the large chess set and checker board. It was honestly a super fun trip for the entire family and the kids loved staying here. Want to hear the best part. $80/night. Yep, we got all of these amenities for $160 total, which makes it not only a super affordable place to stay in Salt Lake City, but an amazing "Staycation" for local residents as well. 

One thing that was a let down, the free WIFI is awful, so I did spend $10 for 3 days of upgraded wifi, which didn't work well the first night we were here, but was totally worth it and worked well the rest of the time.

I can totally see us making it a summer tradition to do a night or two here each year because it was just so fun. If you're interested in RV camping, Acess RV is located right next to the property, where you can also rent an RV and they'll pull it into the property for you! So many fun options, you totally need to give it a try. 

This post was not sponsored, Derek and I funded our own stay with our own money. 

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