The Mind Shift I've Made With Buying Clothes

Purchasing clothes and having a lot of clothes used to be a large part of my life. I remember working every summer in high school and saving a thousand dollars over the entire summer and blowing it all in one swoop at the mall before school started on a new wardrobe. Literal summer tradition every year. Hopefully I can instill in my children a better sense for saving money, but needless to say, having a closet stuffed with loads and loads of clothing was always the number one goal. 

Fast forward to the last several years where I've really minimized my life, including my wardrobe. I tried doing capsule wardrobes, but I found myself purchasing items to "fill the gaps" of what the internet and other bloggers told me that I needed in a capsule wardrobe, instead of actually being really thoughtful about my own personal needs and lifestyle, and what I actually like in my clothing. 

At the beginning of the summer I knew I wanted very few new pieces for my closet, so I bought six shirts of varying styles, one pair of shorts, and one dress, and called it good. I thought I had done so well in being minimal, and to be honest, there are only about 15 pieces total hanging in my closet, but I found myself still only drawn to wearing the same 3-4 pieces in my closet, and then not really bothering to wear some of the new pieces I just bought. 

A huge problem I have with clothing is being small enough to fit into an XS width wise, but they always fall short on the length. Instead of exchanging pieces for a bigger size, I keep them, and tell myself I'll make it work, and then those pieces die in my closet and never get worn. 

This has taught me a few things. One, online shopping might not be the best for me, because making returns is not my strong suit, and so as much as I loathe going to the mall, shopping in person and getting something I know I'll love before I get it home might help me make more intentional purchases. 

Two, I've learned that I actually only need 3-4 awesome shirts in my closet to feel good about myself and to feel content with the clothing that I own. Getting ready each day isn't a huge priority to me. Give me a pair of joggers, an old race t-shirt, a windbreaker, and a baseball hat and I'm ready for 90% of my life. So having a closet filled to the brim with pieces I'm not wearing is really impractical to me. 

Heading into the fall I want to make a list of what pieces I know that I'll need for my lifestyle, not what other bloggers tell me I need, and then shop based on those needs. I currently have zero pairs of jeans (tried cutting them into shorts and failed hard), so I know that is something I'll be purchasing. Other than that, I have a few shirts from last fall that I still love, so I might add one really great quality cardigan, a new pair of joggers, 1-2 new shirts, and a pair of rain boots to replace the ones I finally passed on to goodwill and call it good. 

Being able to identify what my real needs are, and to identity where I lack in my shopping habits I think will help me to be able to curate pieces that I really love this fall, without being wasteful with my purchases. Hopefully I'll be able to document this in another post in the future, but thought I would share this part of my minimalist journey with you as in unfolds, in hopes of it being helpful for someone else too.

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  1. Love your shirt and your hair. Your hair is fantastic!
    I don't love getting what everyone says to wear. I love solid colors, with texture. And neutral colors, which is so funny because as a kid I totally wore the opposite.
    I do agree, you have to go in a physically try everything on. Even if you don't think it could work, you just never know. I've tried on stuff I thought would look horrible, and it usually turned out to be my favorite pieces. Good luck with the fall wardrobe.

    1. Thanks! Still working the courage to get to the mall and actually try things on! I've found one solid pair of jeans so I feel like I can procrastinate a bit longer ;)

  2. Your post is good and helpful. Thank you for posting it.