4 Annual Birthday Traditions

Yesterday Kyle turned seven! It was such a fun day watching him have a day dedicated completely to him. Now that we've done the birthday thing quite a few times, we've finally gotten into a rhythm with how we like to celebrate birthdays, and what works best for our family. We typically do these four things when our kids celebrate a birthday, and they've come to look forward to it every year!

Pick The Meals:
We let our kids pick the meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no matter how crazy they are. Kyle asked for mac n cheese for breakfast, scrambled eggs for lunch, and pizza for dinner, and we totally honored that request. Until he changed his mind to french toast, tacos, and pizza at the last minute... but we totally go whatever their heart desires!

Birthday Decorations:
I am not a pinterest mom that will be up for 12 hours making DIY decorations for every birthday, but I've found that there are some amazing and affordable options on Amazon that pack a big punch. All these Mario balloons that we bought for Kyle's birthday were only $12 and worth every penny! We just blew them up with air instead of helium and taped them to the wall with masking tape, and they totally stayed up all day long!

Pick a Cake:
Know that binder of cakes at the grocery store with all the characters and fun designs on them? We definitely let our kids pick one of those for their birthday and it's so much fun! They're only $20 for a double layer round cake, and totally worth it when the alternative is trying to DIY it myself and becoming the next viral meme from pinterest fail blog. Bonus, they decorate them with real toys that the kids can keep afterwards too!

Pick an Activity:
We always let our kids pick what they want to do each year on their birthday. Some years we've gone to the aquarium, or a trampoline gym. Yesterday Kyle wanted to go to the fire station to see the fire trucks, so we did that and let all his firefighter dreams come true! 

What traditions do you do for birthdays at your house? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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  1. I love these traditions for your kid's birthdays. Definitely going to use some of these ideas.