The Universe Has Spoken, We're on The Right School Track

Since I last wrote about Kinsley's upcoming school situations, there has been a lot more moving parts that have happened. We're still on the right path, and we're still attending the same school I last wrote about, but there has been some additional situations with the Autism Charter School she was originally going to attend, and then just pure amazingness with her current placement, and I figured it should all be shared. 

Autism Charter School Details:
Even though we knew we weren't going to be attending this school, I didn't tell them just because I was curious to see where they were going to place her for next school year. Her IEP says that she should be placed in a middle ground kindergarten class for kids that don't have severe intellectual disabilities, but aren't quite ready for gen-ed. The school finally made assignments last week, and they placed Kinsley in the classroom for kids with severe intellectual disabilities despite what her IEP says, and the mama bear in me could not let it go. I explained to them the details of her IEP and that going against her IEP was breaking the law and that if they didn't fix her class placement (even though we had no intention of attending the school), we would be removing her enrollment and filing a complaint with the state board of education. Even though I provided them documentation from the school district saying that her IEP called for her to be in a class where she learns the general education curriculum and has inclusion opportunities with gen-ed peers, they were unwilling to back down from their placement, and so we told them to unenroll her, and we walked away. 

We will be filing a complaint with the state board of education because we aren't the first parents at this school to have this happen to them, but I certainly want to be the last. If there is anything that makes the mama bear come out of me more than anything else, it's not following an IEP. If I knew I was wrong in this situation, or felt like I was pushing for them to give Kinsley more than she was capable of, I'd fully admit it, but they just straight up wanted to place her where they wanted her, and were unwilling to follow what the IEP clearly stated, and that just isn't going to fly. This fight isn't even about Kinsley, it's about all future kids, and past kids that have gotten the short end of the stick with this administration, and I want to set the necessary change so they can't continue this in the future. 

The New School Where She Will Be Attending:
Remember how in my last post I wrote, "The truth is, I know everyone involved in special education has a hard job. I know that there is never a perfect solution that will adequately meet all the needs and desires of both the parents and the special education team, but I still deeply feel like there is a beautiful middle ground that we just haven't been able to get to yet..." I think we've finally gotten there (!!!). We met with Kinsley's new teacher today to discuss how we would like her walker used in the classroom, necessary transitions, and how to get her in and out of things, and the teacher was totally on board with the entire thing. I explained to her the situations we had in our last school with Kinsley crawling all over, the teachers not wanting to use her walker, and all the issues we had with that and she was 100% on board and motivated to get Kinsley walking in the walker, and reassured me that it would not sit in the corner collecting dust. The best part was that I truly believed her, and feel in my heart that this teacher is everything that Kinsley needs next year. 

The other incredible thing I learned is that Kinsley will be in the gen-ed classroom for 50% of her class time next year. This is beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. She'll do 50% of the learning time with the gen-ed students and then recess, and specials (music, PE, etc...) with gen-ed as well. The remaining class time she'll be in her special education classroom, which is a room with 9 other students from K-2nd grade. This is honestly the best school situation we could have ever hoped and dreamed of for Kinsley next year, and I really believe that she is going to thrive! I'm also glad that Kinsley will be in this special education classroom for three years, because her current teacher is a literal angel on earth and it feels amazing to know that we'll have her in Kinsley's corner for a good long time! 

It's so amazing to see how this entire situation has panned out. My stomach has been in knots about the dreaded Kindergarten transition since this girl left my womb, and everything has worked out so beautifully. Albeit, there were a lot of twists and turns to get her here, but I know that this was all divine intervention. We're simply pawns in a greater power's plan, and He literally moved us right where we needed to be to have the best setup possible. 

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  1. Such a relief for you, I'm sure! I'm so glad God guided you. Your last sentence is so good.