Day One In San Diego | 7 Accessible Beaches

Yesterday was our first full day in San Diego. We're just here for a quick family vacation, but are packing lots of fun into three short days. We started off the day at 6am, woke the kids up, and headed to the airport for our 9:30am flight. The kids did really awesome flying, and Kinsley's wheelchair made it through the flight without getting destroyed, so I'm calling that a major success. 

When we landed we went to the rental car place, and decided to upgrade to an SUV so we'd have more room for Kinsley's wheelchair. We were so bummed to find out we paid more money, only to find out the chair didn't fit. We had to take the wheels and tippers completely off to get it in the trunk, and then it just barely fit once we got the suitcase in too. 

Side note: When Derek and I first got married we bought a brand new 2012 Ford Escape, and a year later regretted the decision because we now had a car payment we didn't have before. For years I HATED that we bought that car. After this experience with the rental car, it makes me think that maybe Heavenly Father put that car in our place at a very specific time and place, because of how amazing it's been for our family since. It fits Kinsley's wheelchair, gait trainer, and a suitcase if we wanted, without having to take anything apart. Total blessing in disguise that I appreciate seven years and one paid off car after the fact. 

Seven Accessible Beaches: 
After we got our rental car we headed straight to La Jolla Shores to play in the water with the kids. It was super windy, but the ocean water was surprisingly warm! The kids loved splashing in the waves and had an absolute blast. When we were on the airplane I quickly googled "Assessable beaches San Diego", and was surprised to find out that seven local beaches were not only accessible, but had free beach wheelchair rentals as well. If you're heading to San Diego with a wheelchair bound love one, check out one of these seven beaches: 

Ocean Beach
Mission Beach
Cornado Beach
Silver Strand State Park
Imperial Beach
La Jolla Shores
Oceanside Harbor Beach

Each beach has either a manual or electric wheelchair free of use, which can be accessed from the lifeguard buildings. This website here has more information with contact phone numbers.

Board and Brew:
Some youtubers that I follow (Emma Aabrahamson, Ellie Abrahamson, and Sarah Abrahamson all sisters if you couldn't guess), always rave about Board and Brew sandwiches and their amazing special sauce all the time, so I couldn't resist stopping in for lunch today after we played at the beach. Their sandwiches are huge, and the kids split a grilled cheese, while Derek and I shared a sub, and it was definitely more than enough food, and totally worth the hype I'd experienced online for an entire year leading up to this moment. 

Legoland hotel:
After lunch we checked into our room at the Legoland Castle Hotel. I'll do a full hotel tour later in the week, but our room has been so much fun for the kids. They have their own bunkbed room for themselves, that's well stocked with legos to play with. There's lego figures everywhere, and they even have lego sets in the room for the kids to take home. It's a kid's paradise! 

Costco Dinner:
For dinner we hopped in the car and drove a half mile out from the resort to grab a quick bite to eat at Costco. Derek and the kids each had a slice of pizza, and I grabbed one of their acai bowls for the first time. We ate and were all super exhausted and headed back to the hotel to sleep! Everyone is super excited for our full day at Legoland today!

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