Friday's Five - 2019: Fri, Sep 6

1. Kyle Starts Cross Country
We got an email the other day saying that there was a cross country program available at Kyle's elementary school. Naturally I was super excited about this, and he said he wanted to try it, so we got him registered yesterday. He'll have after school practices twice a week for seven weeks, with three races throughout the season. He'll be racing a 2k distance, and I'm just so excited for him!

2. Kinsley Took Her First Step-ish
Kinsley and I were working in the living room together a couple days ago. I was holding onto her, and then letting go, and trying to get her to take one step to the couch. We tried about 7-8 times before finally instead of face diving into the couch, she took one step to get there. Granted, her one foot was only in the air for .0001 seconds before her hands touched the couch, but it's still an awesome step in the right direction. 

3. My Brother In Law is A Legit Youtuber
Derek's brother recently left his home in Idaho and moved to Pheonix, and he's been vlogging his entire experience of moving out on his own and finding his way. He's super inspiring, and has been documenting his life as a 20 something who is going blind. He's up to 70k subscribers, and I just love him, so you should subscribe to him too. >> 

4. Advocating Moms Conference Registration Closes Tomorrow
I've been so impressed with the response we've gotten for the special needs parenting conference that I'm hosting. Click here for all the details, and get your tickets before they're gone! 

5. We're Going to San Diego!
Monday we leave for a family trip to San Deigo, and we are so excited! Naturally I need all the good food reccomendations, and maybe I should have looked up some good accessible beaches to go to with Kinsley. Someone help me out and give me all the best tips? 

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