Legoland Castle Hotel Room Tour

We've been back from Legoland for a solid day now and I'm still so tired. Needing a vacation from your vacation is a real thing right? I convinced Kinsley to nap with me for two hours yesterday and it was the greatest thing ever. I hope she always wants to nap with me in the afternoons! 

Luckily, there was lots of sleep to be had on this vacation too. We stayed at the Legoland Castle Hotel, and our room was so fun, and had so many amazing details for the kids. The reason we picked this room was because they had a specific bunkbed room for the kids to share. The room was pretty small, but it was big enough for Kinsley to roll her wheelchair in to play with the Legos, so big enough for what we needed it for. 

Kinsley slept on the top bunk because it had a bigger bed rail, but if we wanted to go through the effort, they would have brought another bedrail to go on the bottom bunk for her to sleep there. We wound up putting Kyle on the bottom, and Kinsley on the top, and everything worked really well. Bonus points the kids were so exhausted by the time we went to bed each night that they went to sleep super fast. 

One of my favorite details when we entered the room was this welcome sign waiting for us on the TV. It was such a small little detail, but Kyle couldn't get over, "How do they know our name?!" the entire time! 

The kids room didn't have a closing door, just a sliding curtain. Two feet down the hallway from them was Derek and I's bedroom. We had a complete king size bed with lots of blankets and pillows... and let me tell you, after walking 20,000+ steps each day we were here, this bed was heavenly at night. Pure heaven. 

The only downside was that the walls were tissue paper thin. The people in the room next to us were having a super casual conversation and we could pretty much hear the entire thing. Not a huge deal because they weren't being loud and obnoxious, but just a heads up that if you can hear them, they can hear you. 

The bathroom was really big and nice, which worked out well when we were all trying to change and get dressed at the same time when we got back from the beach. I was super impressed that all the shampoos, soaps, and conditioners, were all natural/organic, and didn't have any harsh chemicals. I usually correlate hotels with lower end products, so it was nice to see that was something the resort valued. 

Likewise, when we were in the theme park, all the kid's food was organic. Yogurt, juices, milk, fruit snacks, everything. I assume not everything was organic, but it was nice that all the pre-packaged things that you would buy for your kids were. If I'm going to pay for overpriced resort food, having it be good quality that I would feed my kids at home makes the $46 lunch we ate a little bit better. 

Lastly, Our room was adorned with tons of awesome Lego statues, along with a disclaimer that if we broke one of them we'll have to pay $900. The safe that the green dragon is on top of had Lego sets for the kids inside. They place one small set in there each day, for each kid, so the kids walked away with two new mini sets from the room as well. 

There were a lot of things in the hotel that we didn't get to like swimming in the pool. and the entertainment in the hotel restaurant each night. I feel like since we were only there two nights, it was hard to cram it all in. I think one extra day would have been great to feel like we really got the most out of the hotel, but we still had a ton of fun, and it was totally worth the trip!

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