Family Stocking Stuffers 2019

Stocking stuffers are always a fine balance for me. I want to find things that my kids are going to like and think they're fun, without bringing in a bunch of dollar store items that are going to end up in the trash can, or wind up making a cluttered mess somewhere in my home.

When I was buying stuffing stockers this year I thought, "what are my kids actually, really, going to use. Derek's tradition in his family are mini boxes of cereal. These twistable crayons are my all time favorite. Kinsley always gets socks from the Target dollar spot because they're the best for her leg braces. I got some snacks I knew Derek would like, and things I knew I wouldn't hate in my home, and for once, I feel like I really nailed the Christmas stockings! Also it's not lost on me that none of this stuff matters and isn't the point of Christmas, but it's nice to purchase consumables I know our family will use. 

What are you putting in your kid's stockings this year? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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