My 2019 Income Report + Ways to Work From Home

Something that I feel very strongly about is that anyone can be making money from home while raising their children and wanting to do all the other things in their lives. I started my blog eight years ago from nothing. I was a girl with a digital camera she didn't know how to use, and a free blogger hosted blog (still going strong BTW) and I just got gritty and made it happen. 

I don't share any of these numbers to brag, or say look at me, because I am so low on the rich blogger totem pole it's not even funny. But what I will say is that I made this money this year, while finishing my Bachelor's and taking 16 credits a semester, raising my children, and going to more doctors and therapy appointments than I can shake a stick at. So while this was actually one of my lowest earning years since making money on my blog, I'm actually really proud of what I've been able to do in 2019. 

That being said, the grand total for what I've made this year is $16,345. I did this while still being able to drive my kids to school each day. Taking college classes. Taking my kids to doctor appointments. Putting on a parenting conference for 50+ parents that I didn't make a single penny off of. If I can do it, I promise you can too. Here's the breakdown:

Sponsored Blog Posts: $12,046
Freelance Social Media Marketing: $3,246
Photography: $900
Affiliate Marketing: $153
Total: $16,345

And in case anyone is wondering if this is sitting in a fat savings account... unfortunately that is not the case. The freelance social media marketing work almost entirely went to paying for Kinsley's physical therapy. Without this work, I'd have to pay for it out of pocket with money that I don't have, and so I'm grateful to be able to basically exchange services for something that is so crucial in our lives. 

During the fall I broke one of my camera lenses and needed to replace it with a new lens. That was roughly about $700, and I did family photo sessions to offset the cost of purchasing a new lens. 

So where did all that sponsored blog money go? Well I wondered that too, so I dug through all of our credit cards, and bank statements and here's what we got: Derek tore his retina and had emergency eye surgery. We bought a dog and paid way more than I ever want to admit to have him neutered. We took our kids to California and Bear Lake (two experiences that are worth more than money.) Kyle played baseball, soccer, and ran cross country. We bought a sofa to replace the futon we'd been using for three years. I made a whirlwind trip to NY to say goodbye to my dying grandmother (and for anyone following that roller coaster, it's been almost a year since that trip and she's somehow still here...). 

But most importantly, the most amazing thing that this income has gone to this year is paying off my student loans. It's amazing to think that my college diploma will be arriving at our home in just a few weeks, and I will be completely free of my school debt. At the beginning of this year I still had $7,000+ left to pay on my loans, and finally this summer I'd had money saved in the bank for what would be the down payment for our next home, and decided that it was better to pay off this debt first. And I really can't tell you how good that feels. 

So if you're wondering if this is for you, read these three blog posts I wrote years ago about getting started:

And if you read through all of that and still have more questions, hit me up, I'm a literal open book about this stuff. 

And if you're thinking, "good for you but not for me, but I still need money..." 
1) Don't do Uber or Lyft. Derek tried it a few years ago and it's not worth the money you lose in gas and the wear and tear that goes on your car. And while I haven't done any of the others, I feel similar to Door Dash and Instacart. For what people pay for those services, I'm not convinced the delivery people are making enough money to make that worth it in the long run for the same above reasons.

2) Have a DSLR camera? Learn how to REALLY use it. You can find so many free tutorials online, and practice, practice, practice. You can start a photography business for basically zero start up costs. When we lived in NC I made a blogger hosted photography website (See here:, contacted Living Social and Groupon, got them to host my photography deal on their site, and I made a couple thousand bucks in just a month or two. 

3) Teach english online with sites like VIPKID or Gogo KID These sites pay $20 an hour as long as you don't mind staying up late or waking up early! 

4) Can you make things? Knit scarves to sell on Etsy. Have a degree? Can you create a product or program using your degree that you can market and sell online? Like my parenting conference? (ps I haven't made money from that because all the online sales have gone to charity.) Can you draw and make beautiful digital downloads that people can hang as art in their homes, or huge coloring pages that are all the rage right now? Maybe you have a degree in nutrition and can make a digital e-cookbook to sell? 

5) I'm not going to bash MLMs, but I will say I used to be a part of one, and was chronically $1,000 in debt to the business at all times. When I left the company they did let me return my product and get 90% of my money back, but I was spending way more than I was ever making, and had to spend and sell at least $600/month to get whatever paycheck I did earn... Oh man... I'm being triggered by so many memories right now... maybe this is another post for another day? 

There are literally millions of ways that you can make money from home doing things you love. If you get a little creative, and a little gritty, you can totally make anything happen. Have a growth mindset, get out of your comfort zone, believe in yourself, and what you're doing, and you can make things happen. 

Ps. Come back tomorrow to see our wild plans for 2020. 

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