My Favorite Gifts I'm Gifting This Year

I am historically an awful gift giver. Buying gifts really stresses me out, and I hate guessing what I think people will like or want. This year though I feel like I got some really awesome gifts that people are going to love, and that are going to be well used. I had to ask myself questions like, what does this person enjoy? What are big moments coming up in their life? Do they have major needs? Is there something that they'd want, or a higher end version of something they currently have? I think asking myself these questions really helped me get to some of these gifts, and I can't wait for these people to open them at Christmas! 

Brown Dress Shoes: Derek has been needing new work shoes for months now, and I'm so happy that I finally pulled the trigger and got these. They're currently on sale from $60, so now is a good time to buy! 

Apple Air Pods: This is Derek's other big gift this year. He hates me borrowing his headphones and I have no desire to use air pods, so this will be a great way for him to have something that is HIS that I have no desire in stealing from him every time I want to go on a run. 

College Cookbook: If you have someone going away to college, this cookbook is all five ingredient meals that are all made from whole foods. It doesn't give any diet advice or anything like that, which I really love, and also teaches basic cooking skills. 

Hot Wheels Super Garage: This is Kyle's big gift this year and I'm so excited to see his face when he opens it. It's going to be one of those big magical Christmas moments. 

30 Piece Kitchen Utensil Kit: If you know someone moving out, this is awesome since it has measuring cups and spoons, and all the cooking utensils someone could need! 

Popcorn Kit: Know someone who loves fun food gifts? This popcorn kit has three different types of popcorn kernels and seasonings that will be a blast at your next movie night! 

Yarn Baller: Have someone who likes working with yarn? This yarn baller could be an awesome gift. I love indulging in people's hobbies and getting them things they'll love!

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