Friday Five Running Edition

One of my New Year goals was to rekinddle my love of running and racing in 2020. There are so many fun things I want to share with you on this topic from my new treadmill, a book I just read and love, some workouts that have been really amazing, and so much more! I'm in such a good groove right now, and I can already tell this part of my life in 2020 is going to bring some big and exciting things for me. 

1. Finishing a great book:
I recently finished A Life Without Limits, a book about Ironman champion Chrissie Wellington who despite struggling with an eating disorder for much of her teen and young adult life, threw her passion into racing Ironmans, and won the world championship race in Kona several times. The book is beyond inspiring, and I've been listening to it that last couple weeks during my own workouts. The book is super motivating because I'm now running faster than I have in years. Go figure. 

2. My running fitness is coming back strong:
After spending much of 2019 with a couple stress fractures in my heel and not doing much running/racing as I have in past years, I'd lost quite a bit of fitness. I've been working out consistently the last three weeks on our new treadmill and I'm hitting paces I literally haven't ran since high school. It's thrilling and is making me think up some really big dreams and goals for races in 2020. 

3. We got a new treadmill and I'm obsessed:
We got a new treadmill in November, and I'm obsessed with it. It's super inexpensive at only $379, but the thing I love about it is that you can make the part your feet land on softer, or more firm, depending on what you prefer. I've been running in the softest setting to be less impact on my heel while I recover and t's been amazing for me. I ran three miles in 24:27 last week, and my body felt great (despite being out of breath) the entire time. 

4. I need new running shoes: 
I am still having some heel pain, and I think it's time for some new running shoes. Since this is our year without spending, and our year of purchasing only ethical products should we need to spend money, I'd love any suggestions you have for the most ethical shoes brands. I'm leaning towards trying some new Saucony shoes, but would love to know what you're using and love. 

5. This weekend's long run is going to be amazing:
We're in St George this weekend, one of my very favorite places to run! I'm excited to run seven miles down one of the canyons tomorrow morning, and my heart is already fluttering at the thought of it! 

How has your running been this year? Are there any books, shoes, or workouts you've been loving? I want to hear all about it in the comments! 

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