Friday's Five - Fri, Jan 31

I love sharing the highs and lows of the week in these Friday posts. Often it feels like I don't have much to share or write about, but this week I feel like I have so many things that I want to share with the world. For once I think keeping to just five things might be really hard. So lets hop into all the things from this week. 

1) Kinsley had an amazing PT session. We've been going to a new PT clinic and I feel like things are going really well with that right now. Kinsley was walking with her PT on Monday, the PT was holding her hips, and let go to see what Kinsley would do, and she stepped her foot out about six inches. It was the first time that I was able to get a glimpse of this girl potentially walking independently. 

2) I really hate Billy Footwear shoes. Everyone has been raving about these Billy Footwear shoes for ages. So many people sent me links to articles about them. People in the Cerebral Palsy communities love them, and I can't stand them. The $10 shoes I used to get from Target were so easy to undo the velcro and slip on and off. I could get the shoes on in seconds. These Billy Footwear shoes have an obnoxious zipper that has split several times for us, they could be a little wider to accommodate the brace better, and once you finally get done fighting the zipper, you have laces to deal with. Consider this my negative review of Billy Footwear. We're going back to our three favorites shoes for AFOs when these wear out.

3) Running is still going strong. I ran five miles last night at 8:54 pace. I've ran over 70 miles so far for January, and I can't believe how much faster I've gotten over the last month. I haven't ran consistent 8 minute paces in about 10 years, so to finally be coming back to that fitness seems like such a wild dream.

4) Kyle got a Falcon Five. Kyle's school gives out awards for kids who are caught doing good things, and calls them Falcon Fives. He's gotten 7 total this year, and we're just happy to know he's doing good things when we're not around and making him do it. We always go and get a cookie at our favorite cookie shop when the kids bring these home. 

5) I'm trying a new meal plan I'm really excited about. Olympic marathoners Jared Ward and Des Linden have teamed together to create an online coaching business, Endure Strong. They've come out with a weekly meal plan for runners, and I'm excited to give it a try this week. I'll still post my weekly menu plan tomorrow for you guys to use if you like, but I'm excited to try this plan and let you know my thoughts when I do. Nutrition for runners is so specific, and I'd love to see how much more I can improve when fueling properly. So far I love that they have simple breakfast and lunch options that feed one person, but all the dinners feed four, and include side dishes too.

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