Kinsley Got A Make-A-Wish

We've been going back and forth for years as to whether or not we wanted to do a Make-A-Wish for Kinsley. We had heard of lots of other holoprosencephaly families doing them, and so we figured getting approved would be easy, but it took us forever to finally get on board with actually applying for one. 

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The main hold up was figuring out what Kinsley's wish would be. We thought that she would really love doing a big trip of some sort, but then we also thought it would be amazing to use the wish to get a service dog. We felt like we didn't want to apply for a wish before we really knew what we wanted to do, so we kept waiting until we decided what would be best for her and our family. 

About a year ago we got this strong desire to get a dog, and after talking to several people about service dogs, we felt like it personally wasn't the right move for our family. We definitely wanted a dog that was more of a family pet that everyone could enjoy, and ultimately decided to adopt from a local shelter. 

At this point we knew that Kinsley's wish would likely be a fun trip, so we started going through the process of getting her a Make A Wish. We started the application process, handed everything in on our end, and the only thing left to do was for them to have a phone call with our ped to confirm her diagnosis and condition. 

They sent us a letter in the mail about a month later stating that after talking with Kinsley's ped, they felt that her condition wasn't serious enough to grant her a wish, and they denied our application... awkward. 

They did give us a list of other wish granting organizations that we could work with though, and ultimately decided to apply for a wish with The Sunshine Foundation. They do a lot of wishes for kids with cerebral palsy, autism, and kids who were even victims of some sort of trauma. They seemed to be much more inclusive with their wishes, and figured this would be our best bet for getting something for Kinsley. 

We filled out the application with them and found out a few months ago that she was approved. We were then told that we have two options. We could either 1) get on a six year waiting list for her to have a trip to the Disney Dream Village in Orlando Florida where they would send our family to stay for one week with passes to Disney World, or 2) they would give us $2,000 to fund our own trip, but this option would also involve a multiple year wait list. 

We went back and forth for a few weeks trying to decide what we ultimately wanted to do, and decided to hop onto the six year waitlist for the Disney trip. We figured that what they could do for us in Florida would be way longer and better than what we could likely do on our own for $2,000 and decided that it would be well worth the wait.

So here we are, anxiously waiting for six more years when Kinsley is 11 and Kyle is 13 when we will go on the trip of a lifetime to Disney! Derek and I have both never been, and this will be the kids first time too, which I think will make it so special for all of us. 

I keep thinking about the amazing things ahead in the next few years. Kinsley possibly having SDR and possibly walking independently. Could we find ourselves at Disney in six years with her walking on her own from ride to ride? It seems like a really magical way to celebrate all the years of hard work that have and will lead up to this amazing trip for our family, and I can wait to live the life that leads us there.

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  1. How special for your family!!! Yay!!!

  2. Hooray!

    This Sunshine Foundation is really great.

    Good idea for the 6 year list - Disney does mean a lot to tweens and young teens.

    It will be magical.

    [and you will be at so many amusement parks and lakes and drive-ins].


  3. I think that Disney would be a great trip for everyone. I am glad that she gets her wish!

  4. Fantastic that she got a wish! I would have made the same choice. Disney is magical for people of all ages.