7 Things I'm Doing for Myself During Quarantine

While we're all stuck in isolation during quarantine, I know this can be especially hard on moms. We've overnight assumed the role of teacher, in addition to all the other things we do. If you have a special needs child, you likely took on the role of physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech language pathologist as well. All of Kinsley's appointments have been canceled until further notice and so any therapy that happens is on me. 

I know it's really easy to feel consumed by all the things going on around us, which is why I think self care is more important now than ever. I've been doing a few things for myself each day that help me to feel better, and feel more in control of all the chaos going on around me. 

Read my scriptures every morning:
This is something that I fell out of habit with for the last year. About six weeks ago I recommitted to doing this every morning, right when I wake up, before I get out of bed, and I can see the biggest difference in my day. Doing something for myself right off the bat gives me more energy to pour into my kids the rest of the day. 

Make my bed and tidy the house:
I know this isn't for everyone, but my bed is actually where we do Kyle's homeschool lessons, so I've been making that each day in preparation for schoolwork. Making my bed though automatically forces me into cleaning the rest of our bedroom and bathroom, and the rest of the house as well. Having the house picked up each day eliminates both mental and physical clutter, and I'm here for that. 

Getting dressed and doing my make-up:
I've been getting dressed in simple jeans and t-shirt outfits and throwing on a little makeup each day, and it just helps everything else to feel more normal. Once I get out of bed in the morning I head right into the bathroom and spend five minutes getting ready for the day. I don't really own a ton of lounge clothes anyways, but making the effort to get dressed really helps this abnormal time feel just a little more normal. 

Spending time outdoors:
The kids and I have been getting outside together after lunch for 30 minutes and the fresh air and sunlight just feels so good. It's the perfect way to recharge for the rest of the afternoon ahead. 

Prioritizing exercise:
My race that was supposed to be on April 4th has been pushed back to the second week of May. It's been really great to have that target date ahead of me to keep me motivated with my training. I've been getting outside for a run in the evenings and it's the perfect way to clear my mind from the entire day, get some more fresh air, and do something great for my body.

Set a goal for yourself:
I set a goal a few nights ago that I want to be able to do a full split by the time this quarantine ends. So I've been setting time aside each night for stretching and practicing, and it feels fun to have something super random to work towards!

Making healthy lunches:
We don't eat lunch until everyone's homeschool lessons are done for the day, usually around 12-1pm. By this time of day, I'm starving! I started making myself a super yummy salad everyday last week with romaine lettuce, quinoa, hard boiled eggs, turkey, tomato, cheese, and cucumbers, and then drizzled with some salad dressing, and it is SO GOOD. It feels good to fuel my body with nutrient dense foods, and it's become a bright spot in the afternoon that I look forward to.

What is something that you're doing for yourself each day? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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  1. These are such great tips! Great ideas for keeping everything as normal as possible! And making a bed starts the day right!
    happy day!