My Mostly Second Hand 30 Piece Capsule Wardrobe

Spring is right around the corner and with that in mind, I started thinking about what pieces I was going to want to add to my closet to be ready for the change in season. I love wearing jeans and race t-shirts, but I also love taking the time to put together a nice outfit as well. 

I decided over the weekend to take inventory of my closet and see where the gaps were, what pieces I already have, and then what things I would need to add in to make a pretty well rounded closet. This was perfect timing with Merrick's Outfit Challenge, and looking through The 25 Days of Spring Outfits that she put together helped me get a good idea of what pieces I should add into my closet for more versatility, and helped me to identify which pieces fit my personal taste versus things that maybe did not. 
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I bought most of these pieces on ThredUp. I linked you to similar pieces online that are brand new since it's hard to link to similar products on ThredUp. If there is something on here that you like though, I highly recommend browsing on ThredUp first for similar pieces. I've found so many secondhand pieces on there that I love! If you use this link, you can get $10 credit for your first purchase! (not sponsored).

Top Row: Green SweaterBlack and White Long Sleeve TeeBlack and White Short Sleeve Shirt, Independence Graphic TeeRust Colored SweatshirtGray Short Sleeve

What I already had in my closet:
Items that I already had in my closet included: a blazer, green coat, black leggings, leather jacket, ankle boots, cut out shoes, taupe pumps, two sweaters, one pair of jeans, and dress pants. I feel like I had a lot of classic pieces that can be worn all the time (that I do wear all the time!) and so it was great to not feel like I was starting from scratch and having to invest in a lot of staples/more expensive pieces. 

What I added into my closet:
I didn't have a lot of simple basic t-shirts that can be worn on a regular basis. Right now I have 1 one graphic tee, and a bunch of old race t-shirts that I wear a lot, but they can typically only be worn one way and aren't super appropriate for more dressier occasions, so I really invested in picking up some neutral pieces. 

I also decided that I should add in some more pants since I currently only own two pairs of jeans. Having some more pants on hand gives a lot more versatility to the outfits that I can put together. I ordered a white pair, black pair, and a more relaxed boy friend fit. I ordered all of these on Thred Up and paid between $4-$10 for each pair! 

I picked up some dresses for church as well. The ones I currently have I've worn into the ground and either have stains, a hole, are pilling, or straight up don't fit me. I'm passing my old ones along, and picked up three dresses that will be perfect for church, and two that will be great for wearing during the week in the spring and summer. Except for the maxi dress which I bought new on Amazon, I purchased the other dresses on ThredUp and paid between $6-9 for three of them, and then $17 for the other. 

Finally, I added a few accessory pieces to my closet. I snagged the denim jacket for $20. I didn't own any sneakers that weren't specifically for running, so I grabbed a pair of those that I can dress down with dresses, and wear with basically any of the pants I bought. I also wanted to try out this whole hair clip trend and grabbed a pack on Amazon for $9, along with the belts as well. 

How to get deep discounts on ThredUp:
You can get up to 50% off already low pieces when you place your first order on ThredUp. That's how I scored a lot of these pieces for SO CHEAP. They also have sales and promo codes all the time too, so just weigh your options before checking out to make sure you're getting the best deal!

How to find good quality pieces:
There are so many filters and different options on ThredUp so that you can easily find what you're looking for. I almost always set the filter to all of my sizes, and then hit the "new with tags" and "like new" options. This takes away all the less than perfect pieces and leaves you with the best quality options in the parameters that you're looking for. If I can't find something "new with tags" or "like new", I'll likely look to purchase the item brand new from another store at that point. 

Finding exactly what you're looking for:
If you're looking for a black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt, you can literally narrow the results down to show you only those things. Pick your sizes, pick the colors black and white, pick the "new with tags" or "like new" options. From there you can narrow down sleeve length, and the pattern that you're looking for (stripes), and all of a sudden it gives you a view of all the long sleeve black and white stripe shirts that are available. Doing this is a lifesaver since they have over 50,000 pieces in their inventory. By being specific like this it usually gives me 1-2 pages of good options to choose from! 

Do you use a capsule wardrobe? Do you have any master tips for purchasing items on ThredUp? I'd love to hear it all in the comments below!

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