Five Books I Read in February 2020

February was a slow reading month for me. Granted, it is two days shorter than any other month, but I don't think those two days would have helped me much. I found myself super distracted with work, switching Kyle's school situation, and Kinsley starting OT that was four days a week for a hot second, that reading just slipped away from me for a bit. I did manage to read five books though, and I'm excited to share what I thought. 

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1) I'm Here to Win: This book is about a triathlete who spends years and years trying to win Ironman Kona (the sport's world champion event each year). It was an okay book, and I really appreciated how the author, Chris McCormack, raised a lot of money for breast cancer through his foundation after his mother's early death, but this wasn't my favorite sports book I ever read. 

2) Educated: This book was SO GOOD. Tara Westover is from a small city in Idaho where her parents were super strict, homeschooled, and thought the world was going to end and that the government was out to get their family. Tara followed her older siblings footsteps and left their small town, got a degree from BYU, and eventually a PhD from Cambridge. I felt like I could relate to her story in a lot of ways, and in even more ways, my heart broke for all the things she had to endure as a young girl, and even to this day with her family strains. 

3) The Read Aloud Family: I'm a huge believer in reading aloud to our kids, so this book was a must read for me. Some basic principals that I got from it was that reading with your kids can grow a closer parental bond with your children, can increase them to more sophisticated vocabulary than they could read on their own, and provides opportunities for you to have deep though provoking conversations with your children about books. She also gives great and extensive lists for books to read aloud with your own kids, which I really appreciated! 

4) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Not much needs to be said about this book, but Kyle read it without me in January and so I read it again with him last month. I think we might read the third one together in March, but then I think we're going to put a long pause before I let him read the fourth one. 

5) The Extra Mile: A book about ultramarathon runner Pam Reed, and the races she won and her childhood, and how she became one the more famous ultrarunners of our day. I love this book and have read it about once a year for the last 10 years. Some tidbits I love is when she says that when she runs 100 miles, she doesn't think of it as running a huge chunk of 100 miles. She runs 1 mile 100 times. I use that same mentality a lot on my training runs now, and I find it really helpful in terms of staying focused and not letting myself get stressed out about all the miles that are still ahead. 

What did you read in February? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for the reading suggestions. They all sounds very interesting!