Our Daily Routine During Coronavirus

There are a lot of "daily schedules" floating around the internet dictating what we should be doing with our kids while they're home from school hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute. And while these schedules are surely well intended I think that it can add a lot of unnecessary pressure to your day, and make this time way more rigid than it needs to be. I'm planning on sticking to a schedule with my kids, but I like to think of it more as an order of operations, where we complete one task, and get to the next one when it happens. Not living by the clock, but letting the natural momentum of the day get us where we need to be. 
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Morning: I have zero intentions of setting an alarm clock and getting my kids up by a certain time. We'll wake up when our bodies wake up. Once that happens we'll get dressed, do hair, get leg braces on (for Kinsley), and then head downstairs and eat breakfast. Once breakfast is cleaned we'll get into our school work for the day. 

Kyle's school is very rigid and structured when it comes to what he should be doing each day. I'll set Kinsley up with some education apps on the iPad, and work through Kyle's work with him. When his work is complete, I'll set Kyle free on the iPad while I work through Kinsley's work (TBD), and therapy goals with her. 

Afternoon: Once we get done with the school work we'll make lunch, eat, and clean up. After that I plan on getting my kids outdoors for at least 30 minutes. Vitamin D is life, and just because they told us not to go to work and school doesn't mean we're not allowed to get fresh air and sunlight. Adding this into our daily routine will be a sanity booster for everyone. 

Once we come back inside I really plan on letting the kids lead the day. We have plenty of craft supplies for whatever art time they want, board games, toys, books, cooking, etc... this is free time where they can do whatever they please, and I plan on getting my own work done. 

Around 4pm I'll likely make everyone get the house cleaned up so that it's not a disaster when Derek gets home. I need our nighttimes to be peaceful, and cleaning up before dinner is a great way to set the tone for the evening. 

Evening: Once the house is picked up we'll make dinner and eat. After dinner we do prayer, scriptures, PJs, bath, teeth, stories and bedtime. We usually have bedtime between 6:30-7pm every night. Kinsley usually goes to sleep at this time, and Kyle can stay up to read until the sun goes down and he doesn't have light anymore. 

I'm really not about running a rigid schedule while the kids are home. Yes I want to do school work in the morning when everyone is fresh, but after that, lets enjoy these kids and the unprecedented time we have with them! What does your schedule look like these days? I'd love to hear in the comments below! 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! It's important to support each other---you are an inspiration!

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