How We're Celebrating Easter at Home in Quarantine

This Easter is certainly going to be like no other Easter we've ever celebrated. I think because it will likely be one of a kind, we have an opportunity to truly make it an occasion that our children will never forget. I want it to be a memorable and spiritually uplifting experience that our family can look back on and remember for years and years to come. I have a lot of plans for the next several days, and I really can't wait to just slow down and enjoy these moments with Kyle, Kinsley, and Derek. 

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Coloring Easter Eggs:
We bought some crafting eggs and a dying kit from the store a few weeks ago and this is the first Easter activity that we'll do together as a family, most likely on Friday when school work is done for the week. I like to get all the "play" activities done on Friday and Saturday so that we can really focus on the Savior when Sunday comes. 

Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday:
I haven't decided if I want to do this in the green space at our townhomes, or if we want to just do it inside. Most likely we'll do this Saturday morning. I really don't go over board on the egg hunt. Each child will get 12 eggs, and we have a mixture of little plastic toys from Target, and small candies to go in each of them. 

Resurrection Rolls Saturday Night:
I went on a first date with someone in college who took me to his place to make "Resurrection Rolls" (this felt super normal at the time, but now I think it might have been a strange first date choice but whatever... I was 18). Now that I'm a parent though, I've really wanted to do it with my children. 

Empty Tomb Rolls - easy and a great dessert for Easter.

Simply take a package of Crescent Rolls and roll a large marshmallow in each one. Dip in melted butter and sugar, and then bake in the oven. When they come out, the marshmallows basically disappear. 

You can use this moment to talk to your kids about how when Christ was placed in the tomb, he was resurrected on the third day, and wasn't there anymore. Just like the missing marshmallow. 

You can find a complete detailed recipe, and the symbolism of everything here: Empty Tomb Rolls, The Girl Who Ate Everything

Wake up on Sunday, Eat Breakfast, and do Easter Baskets:
When we all wake up we'll head downstairs and get the Easter Baskets and breakfast out of the way first thing. I don't really feel like making a huge fancy breakfast this year, but just found these Easter Bunny Pancakes that look darling, so I think that's the route I'll go. 

bunny pancake banana chocolate chips

After that we'll look through our Easter Baskets, and then head upstairs to get dressed for the day. 

Get Dressed up on Sunday Morning:
We have not been getting dressed up every Sunday for church since the quarantine started. We get ready and put nicer clothes on, but honestly it's a lot of work for little reward in our house, and I think our Sunday's have been just as spiritual as they would have been otherwise. 

That being said, I got sucked into some Facebook ads that led me to purchasing this dress for Kinsley and this shirt for Kyle, and the rest was kind of history. 

Have an At Home Church Service:
Once we're all dressed and ready we plan on having church at home with our children. I have a year long subscription to Come Follow Me FHE, and we've been using Angie's lessons every single week with the kids during quarantine so far. It's serisouly saved our bacon for the last month. 

Resurrection eggs- Easter story in eggs

We plan on using the Come Follow Me FHE lesson materials, along with the 12 Resurrection Eggs story. You basically put 12 small objects into 12 Easter eggs, open them one by one, and each object represents an aspect of the Savior's life. Each egg has an accompanying scripture to go with it. You can see full details on how this works here: Resurrection Eggs,

I also plan on reading this new board book that we got for the kids, and then calling it good. 

Take a Front Porch Picture:
Front porch pictures have become the new thing on the internet with everyone in quarantine. I thought it would be fun to do ours when we're in our Easter clothes. It would be a special way to not only remember this Easter, but the quarantine as well. 

Make Easter Dinner:
We bought a ham for Christmas that was way too big for us to eat, so we actually cut it in half before we cooked it and stuck it in the freezer. I plan on cooking that in the crockpot for dinner and making some rolls, potatoes, salad, and veggies, and then calling it good on the dinner front. 

How are you celebrating Easter this year? I'd love to hear the details in the comments below!

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