Kinsley's Bedroom Plan for the New House

We're officially 34 days away from moving and I'm starting to really wrap my mind around the idea that we should be packing soon, but none of it really feels real still. I have been starting to figure out which furniture is going to go where, and what things we're going to need purchase when we get there. 

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I feel like every time we move, we play some variation of musical beds. Kinsley is currently sleeping in Kyle's Queen size bed (that used to be mine and Derek's), and Kyle is in Kinsley's twin size bed. Due to a lot of spastic movements that Kinsley makes in her sleep, we've found that it's just a lot easier to have her in a bigger bed where she can stretch out and move how her body needs. 

The queen size bed that she is currently using is going to take up too much space in her new room so we're giving the queen size bed back to Kyle, and getting Kinsley a full size bed for her room. We'll then have a spare twin bed kicking around... or maybe we'll keep Kyle in the twin and use the queen for a guest bed? We'll figure that out later. 

Kinsley's new room will have mostly the same pieces from her existing space, but we have recently made a couple new purchases, and I wanted to share which bed we picked because it's so cute!

Picture Frame and Print: We had a friend make this water color print for Kinsley when she was born. It says, "though she be but little she is fierce". While my friend does not sell prints anymore, you can get basically the exact same print on etsy here! I love this picture frame from Amazon too! It ads the perfect warmth to the room!

Vintage Antique Brown Full Size Bed: I love the vintage look of this bed, and the brown/rose gold color is so pretty! I saw a similar one almost a year ago that I fell in love with, and I'm so glad we have a practical reason to purchase one now! This rose gold bed frame is under $150, and is the perfect bed to grow with Kinsley throughout her life. 

Puppy Bedding: We just got this puppy printed bedding for Kinsley a few weeks ago and LOVE it! I'm so glad that it's sizing is actually full/queen so we can have it on her bed in the new house! 

Flamingo Light: We've had this flamingo light in Kinsley's room for years now and I still love it! It's such a fun piece and ads a nice pop of color to her room. It also doubles as a great night light that we've used often!

Stuff Animal Storage Bag: Each of our kids have one of these bags in their rooms and I personally love them for stuff animal storage. It doubles as a chair for their bedroom, and makes for cleaning their room a breeze. Shove everything inside, and zip it up... and your room is tidy!

Novelty Pillows: We've had these unicorn, watermelon, tooth, and popsicle pillows for years now and they've held up really well. They're definitely made from China and probably not ethically made, but they're dirt cheap and as sketchy as the website looks, they do ship and actually get to your house!

Ikea Songesand 3 Drawer Dresser: We have one of these dressers in each of the kids bedrooms and I love them so much! They're under $130 at Ikea, they actually look nice (unlike a lot of inexpensive dressers), and we've moved ours each a couple times now and they hold up really well! I cannot recommend them enough! 

Heart Macrame Wall Hanging: We bought this several years ago from a cheap Chinese website. I don't have an exact link anymore, but there are a ton of similar options on Etsy that look identical, and are likely ethically made and supporting a small business owner, which I wish I could say the same about when I bought mine. 

These are the plans for Kinsley's new room! I love that we're basically keeping and using all of what she already has, and are mostly just getting her a new bed and mattress to better fit the space! I love all of these pieces though, so hopefully they'll provide good inspiration for your home!

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