Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide Under $100

Father's Day is just a few days away and I can honestly say I've made zero preparations. Luckily Amazon Prime always has my back and is probably the best $10 I spend every single month. While Derek typically says he doesn't need anything and to not bother about gifts on Father's Day, he's actually fun to shop for this year because he recently picked up running the last few months and has been doing a lot of hikes, so it's fun to be able to shop to those interests. 

While I'm not planning on purchasing everything on this list, here are a few ideas I've had, and hopefully they'll provide some good ideas for you as well. The best part about this Father's Day Gift Guide is that everything is under $100. If you need some budget friendly Father's Day gift ideas, look no further!

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Noise Canceling Headphones: Since Derek is working from home and will be working from home until December, I thought noise canceling headphones would be perfect for him taking calls while home. These headphones are less than $100, have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, and could be a great budget friendly alternative to Bose headphones. 

Garmin GPS Watch: I've had a Garmin GPS watch for running the last three years and love it! Derek has been running a couple times a week and going on weekly hikes as well, so I think this would be fun for him to track all of his training with. I love that this one is under $100 and super user friendly!

Real Running Shorts: Does your husband go running in super baggy basketball shorts or is that just mine? I'm convinced Derek could run a bit faster if his shorts weren't weighing him down. I think 7 inch running shorts are perfect for men who don't want to wear short-shorts, but also want a fabric that is more lightweight and breathable than traditional basketball shorts. These are under $20 and highly rated! 

Camelback Water Bottle: I've been a huge fan of Camelback water bottles for years! I just recently learned that they have vacuum sealed water bottles that rival Yeti at a lower cost, and I totally want to try them out! 

Spike Ball Set: I played spike ball for the first time at girl's camp a few years ago and it was so much fun. Spike ball sets can get pretty pricey though. This Slammo set has high reviews, and is under $35. That's some big savings when compared to the name brand set that runs between $55-$100. 

Hiking Socks: We bought these socks for Derek last year before we went on an 18 mile trek and they worked really well! I have the same set in the women's version and love them. They're super thick, but don't make your feet hot, and provide a lot of protection against blisters! 

Adidas Slides: I have a pair of Adidas Slides that I've worn daily for almost three years now. I always leave them by the front door, and Derek is constantly taking them when he lets the dog out to go to the bathroom. I'd love to get him his own pair that actually fit his feet!

Hammock Stand: We've been needing a hammock stand for a hammock we got as a wedding gift for about nine years now. We're planning on getting one when we move to our new house in a few weeks. This stand is only $85 and looks great! 

What are you getting the man in your life for Father's Day this year? I'd love to hear some of your suggestions in the comments below! 

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