Cherry Hill Farms, Genola Utah

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to visit Cherry Hill Farms located in Genola Utah, right outside of Santaquin. We had the best time learning all about how cherries are harvested, the difference between the organic and in-organic farming practices, and even got to pick some right off the trees ourselves. It was such a fun family outing that I'm glad we got to experience. 

Who Owns and Operates Cherry Hill Farms?
When we got there we watched a quick video all about the family history of the farm and how it's been family owned for four generations. One of the family members working there told us that aside from migrant workers hired through the USDA and their various farming programs, there were only six people working on the farm that weren't part of their large and extensive family. I also loved that they have two large processing centers nearby where they hire 600-700 high school age students to come and work throughout the summer. So while it is a family owned business, they do give back and provide work opportunities for so many throughout the local community. 

We also learned how a lot of the produce they grow (mainly cherries, peaches, and apples) are actually the same produce that we purchase in our local grocery stores. If you shop locally at Smith's Macy's, Harmon's, or any of the smaller local Utah grocery stores, you'll likely find produce that was harvested from Cherry Hill Farms. 

How Are Cherries Harvested?
One of the most fascinating things we got to see was how the cherries are harvested. They drive a large machine up to the side of a a cherry tree, and then the machine shakes the tree until all the fruit falls out. The fruit is caught by a large conveyer belt that carries the cherries to a fan that blows away all the leaves and stems, and spits the cherries out into a cold water bath to keep them fresh until they can be brought to the processing plant. 

U-Pick Cherry Picking in Utah:
The part our kids loved the most was getting to pick the actual cherries. Each of the kids got their own little basket and we got to fill them up with perfectly ripe cherries. I think this was actually the first time our kids had gotten to pick fruit of any kind, so it was a really fun experience for them! 

Cherry Hill Farms is doing a U-Pick Cherry Harvesting Tour July 22-25, 2020. Admission is $7 per person, unless you have a group of 5+, then admission is $5 per person. During the Cherry Harvesting Tour you'll have the opportunity to see how all the cherries are harvested just like we did, pick your own cherries, and eat delicious cherry treats! It really is such a fun afternoon and something the entire family will enjoy! Make sure to check out their website for the specifics on time, date, location, etc:

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