Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy 2020

 With the holiday season quickly approaching, everyone is looking for the best holiday gifts for 2020. If you need Christmas gifts for an 8 year old boy, you can go wrong with this holiday list. 

Does anyone else find it hard to purchase the perfect Christmas gifts for 8 year old boys? Kyle is definitely the hardest one to purchase for on my holiday shopping list. He just loves books and Legos so much that I feel like that's all we ever give him, and finding creative things to spice it up is often really hard. If you need some ideas for Christmas gifts for 8-year-old boys, hopefully some of these ideas will spark a good idea for the little boy in your life. 

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Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Old Boy:

Basketball Hoop: Kyle has really gotten into basketball this year, and plays at recess with his friends everyday. We've been talking about getting him a hoop for the backyard for a few weeks now, and this one is under $100 from Walmart, if Lifetime brand, and has almost 3000 positive reviews. 

Basketball: What good is a basketball hoop without the basketball? 

Harry Potter Lego Set: Kyle has read the first three Harry Potter books and has been obsessed with the movies ever since. He is also a huge fan of Legos, so this will be an awesome gift for him this year. 

Razor Scooter: Most of the kids in our neighborhood ride scooters to school so we figured it's probably time to invest in one for our home, and maybe get Kyle scooting to school with the other neighborhood kids instead of driving everyday. 

Investigators Books: This new series is highly rated on Amazon and was highlighted in their holiday shopping guide. Kyle loves mystery/detective books, so I think these will go over really well with him!

Minecraft Christmas PJs: 2020 is the year we finally got into Minecraft, and while these PJs aren't actually Minecraft brand, they do have the "block" look and are super cute for any little boy at Christmastime. 

Encyclopedia Brown: This is a book series Kyle hasn't dived too far into yet and he's always in the market for some new books. This would be a great book set for any 7-10 -year-old! 

Mario Kart Hot Wheels Track: This is 100% me projecting my love of Mario onto Kyle's love for Hot Wheels, but how fun is this new track? The price for this at Walmart is $60, compared to $80 at Target, so be sure to shop around to make sure you're getting the best deal. 

Minecraft Lego Set: Since this is the year of Minecraft, and Kyle is Lego obsessed, we might as well put two building passions together into one gift right? This set is pretty small and is under $20 and would make a great grandparent or sibling gift. 

As a disclaimer, the gifts in this post are purely for inspiration purposes. We are not getting our child every item on this list, although they are all items he would really enjoy. The hope in sharing this is that it gives you some ideas of things you could gift your own child. The reality is that we will likely get Kyle the basketball hoop as his major gift, my mom is gifting the basketball, we get the kids new PJs every Christmas, we'll likely get him books, and then probably one of the toys shown. Just in case people need to be reminded that bloggers on the internet are real humans with real budgets. 

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