Christmas Gifts for Women 2020

 Sometimes the hardest person to find a Christmas gift for is yourself, or any other woman you might be shopping for. This list of Christmas Gifts for Women 2020 will help kickstart your holiday shopping. 

I often feel like finding things I actually want for Christmas is a super difficult task. A couple years ago though I started keeping a running list in my phone of gifts that I'd want or need as I randomly thought about them, that way when my birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc... came along, I'd already have some ideas of things to pass along to Derek. While this is a list of things I want for Christmas this year, hopefully it will spark some ideas for gifts for you, your mother, mother-in-law, sister, friend, etc... 

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Also, I get that these gifts don't necessarily scream "girly, woman, female, blah, blah..." I realize I'm a strange weird breed. I will have several gift guides linked from past years at the bottom of this post of what was on my wish list in previous years that are probably more typical Christmas gift ideas for women, but this is what is on my list this year. 

Christmas Gifts for Women 2020:

Personalized Wood Cutting Board: Lazer Designs offers some really beautiful Bamboo + Poly 2-in-1 cutting boards. You can customize the boards to have any name you want on them, and they make a wonderful gift this holiday season. Lazer Designs also has a wide variety of personalized gifts for her, that can match the specific taste of any woman on your holiday shopping list. 

Adidas Slide Sandals: I bought a pair of white Adidas sandals when I went to girl's camp with the youth from church several years ago. I've worn them basically everyday of my life since then and they make me look homeless at this point. It's time to retire them, and maybe go with a black pair that's more forgiving. Wearing socks and these sandals is basically my life regardless of the season. 

Songmics 2 in 1 Trash Can: This is literally the #1 thing on my Christmas list this year. It's a more affordable option to the Simple Human trash can, and I love that it has two sides, one for trash and one for recycling. You know you're almost 30 when you want an overpriced garbage can for Christmas. 

Dowdle Folk Art Puzzle: My friend Wendy got me into puzzles when we went to Bear Lake together this fall. Dowdle Folk art is a local Utah company, and the Owner is the step dad to a friend of mine from college. He has an Amazon Prime TV show now, Painting The Town, and Derek and I binged watched all the episodes together in September. We're clearly super dedicated to the business now, and I need to get my hands on one of these puzzles. It will be the perfect activity to work on during Christmas vacation. You can get 20% off a puzzle with code "LFSHARE20". 

Wet Brush with Heat Flex Bristles: I can't tell you how many combs and brushes I've melted with my hair dryer this year. I personally don't really want to buy one of those hair dryer/brush combo things, but this heat resistant Wet Brush should work perfectly for what I need especially since I don't blow dry my hair too often. 

Always Pan: I've seen so many people raving about this pan online, and I wouldn't mind trying it out. The idea is that it's one pan that can do literally everything you'd ever need. Boil pasta, fry an egg, this pan can do it all. Designed for small spaces and minimalist kitchens that maybe can't fit an entire set of pans. I love the idea of downsizing my pan collection, and the non-stick on on this pan happens to be non-toxic unlike other nonstick surfaces. 

Suede Clogs: I had a pair of clogs like this in high school that I wore everywhere, and then they got a hole and I never replaced them. These are only $30, look almost exactly like Bikrenstocks for $100 less, and will be a good winter replacement to my sock and Adidas sandal combo. 

10lb Dumbbells: Weights are definitely one of those annoying things that cost more than they should. I've been wanting to get a couple dumbbells to use at home though because it would give me more workout options to do at home, and might save me from going to the gym once a week to lift. 

Extension Cord: This is super random, but our bed isn't close enough to an outlet to plug something in so we have to use an extension cord. The one we have doesn't hold the plugs in well, and they fall out all the time, or worse, it makes a sparking popping sound when you plug something into it. In the name of not burning our house down, I'll be needing one of these. 

Disclaimer as always... I will not be purchasing/getting all of these items for Christmas. These are just ideas of things I would like and use. My reminder for every post that bloggers are real humans with real budgets. 

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