Thank You + Goodbye

 There really aren't words to tie this off in a neat little bow. How do you walk away from something that has been such a huge part of your life for almost ten years. A decade. I've lived my life, my marriage, my kid's life all online for the last ten years. In ten years you've seen Derek and I get married, have our children, move from Utah to North Carolina, to Georgia, and back to Utah. We've bought houses, rented houses, remodeled houses, swore we were never moving again, only to do exactly that time and time again. 

The last several weeks I've been heavily contemplating what I want for my life long term, and this space online has always come back to me with a question mark floating over head. I've "quit" blogging before, as you can see from a dramatic post written in 2015, but this time it's not like that. I love blogging, and writing online is something that I will always love in a way, but having it linked so closely to my personal life has been something that's been more and more difficult for me, especially as my kids get older and I want to respect their privacy as much as possible. 

It's also taken a toll on my mental health in a way that I've only realized recently, and it's something I'm not really wanting to sacrifice anymore. Having the money I make be linked so closely to my personality, parenting, choices I do or don't make for my family, and always having to walk on eggshells to feel like I'm appeasing the masses takes a toll after a while. I've come to realize that I don't need to be doing it, so why am I? 

When I tried quitting blogging in 2015 I was walking away from my only source of income. I didn't have a plan moving forward and I didn't know if this online business I'd created was replicable, and maybe I'd just gotten lucky to be where I was. I ultimately needed this space for five more years while different pieces of my life fell into place. 

Five years later I have a job outside of blogging that provides me with a consistent income the way this never really has. That income is less than the inconsistent income I make here, but it's stable and I know it's something I can rely on as I move into this new chapter of my online presence. 

This year I've created two new websites. Neither one of them have to do with family, fashion, products, lifestyle,  etc... You won't be sold on the next best thing you do or don't need in your life. Many of you know several weeks ago I launched a website geared towards connecting parents to online resources to help with raising a child with a disability. This is something I will continue to push my energy into over the coming months and years. 

I've also created another website, It's a niche food site specializing in recipes that are only single servings. This website will hopefully overtime replace the revenue stream that this site once created for me. It allows me to still have the fun parts of blogging that I love, photographing food, writing recipes, and having a creative outlet that is far less attached to my personality and whether the person on the other side of the screen likes me and whatever topic I'm talking about. Food is food, and it's consistently the one part of blogging I've always loved. 

Moving forward there will likely not be new content shared on this space. As someone who knows first hand how much life changes, I'll never say never, but this is a door that I am closing for right now. The website will still stay up. I'll still be paying for my domain name each year, and you'll still see my name pop up on google or pinterest every now and then when you search for things, but otherwise, this is me saying goodbye. 

I don't know what will happen to my Instagram account. I have new accounts linked to my new sites. I've loved the connections I've made through this IG the last several years. I don't want to delete the entire account and lose the photos and memories I've shared. I think in time I may just change the settings to private. I still love sharing random things that happen in our lives through IG stories and connecting with people in a different way over there... So I honestly don't know what will come of that, but having the freedom to not care about my feed, aesthetic, stats, etc... is something I'm really looking forward to over the coming weeks. 

Thank you for being a part of my life for the last decade. Thank you for standing by me and my family and the content I've created. There is still so much more to come, just in a way that feels better to my life goals, and my mental and emotional well being. I'm grateful for the tools and knowledge I've gained through blogging the last ten years that has given me the confidence to know I can do something new. 

This is so hard and there is a part of me that will grieve this space. It's feels as though I'm loosing a part of my identity that I've held onto with a vice grip for the last ten years. As hard as it is to let go of it though, I know that there is so much more for me out there, and letting go of one thing is giving me the opportunity to have less stress, more focus, more direction, less compromised time with my children that doesn't involve waving a camera in their faces, and a world of opportunity. 

Thank you for being here with me and giving me the opportunity to learn and grow alongside all of you these last 10 years. I hope you'll follow along in the new endeavors, but I'm grateful for the time we've had together if this is where we part ways as well. 

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