DIY Diaper Clutch

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The holiday season is right around the corner, which means we're going to be doing a lot of traveling in the car the next few months. We'll be heading four hours north to Idaho for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then down to Southern Utah for a few days in Late December for a wedding. We're still in the diapering phase of life right now, and the last few weeks we've found ourselves without a diaper at the wrong time. I sewed this diaper clutch a couple days ago to leave in the car at all times, so we don't have to be caught without a diaper at the wrong time during the busy holiday season. 

Our diapers of choice lately have been the Huggies Little Movers. I love them because now that Em is crawling and moving more and more, I love that they stay in place and keep everything in place during playtime. I'm also a huge fan on the Huggies One and Done Natural Care wipes. They come in convenient travel packs, are thick enough to get messes cleaned fast, and they're the #1 branded baby wipe. 

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I've been a long time fan of Sam's Club, so they're our number one diaper retailer of choice. I love that I can order everything I need online with the Sam's Club Pick-up service, and then show up to the club and get my order brought out to me. Right now when you purchase two Huggies items at Sam's Club, you can get an additional $8 off their already low prices now through 11/22/17. You can also get an additional $4 rebate when you submit your purchase through Ibotta.

(2) 1/4 yard fabric in two separate prints
sewing machine
Pattern (Found here at Crafty Little Projects)

Print your patter pieces. You need two copies of the large piece and one copy of the smaller piece. Cut and tape one of those larger pieces to the flap piece to form the back piece, and the other piece is your front.

Fold your fabric and lay the pattern on the fold so that the straight edge is on the folded part. Cut one front piece and one back piece in each fabric for a total of four pieces.

Now put right sides together and sew them together around the sides and the bottom.

Now turn your inside fabric right side out and stick it down into the outside fabric, so that right sides are touching.

Flip your fabric over and begin sewing the two pieces of the flap where shown in this photo.

Sew down that side until you get to the part where the front and back piece join across the middle. Sew across those two making sure that you are only sewing the front of the bag and not the back. (So you should be sewing 2 pieces of fabric, not 4.) Then sew across the middle and up the other side. This is what it looks like in the sewing machine. 

Once it comes out of the machine, pull the inside out through the opening in the top. Pull out the inner fabric, and then the outer. Then put the inside fabric back into the outside fabric, and then straighten out the corners and press down the sides. 

Fold the top opening under itself, and then stitch it shut. 

Once everything the top part is sewn, your clutch is ready to be used. You can add velcro or a button to keep it closed if needed. 

What is one way that you're prepping for all the busy holidays and traveling in the months ahead? I love stocking up for all my diapers and wipes now at Sam's Club so it's one less thing I have to worry about later. Be sure to take advantage of the $8 off instant rebate and $4 Ibotta offer until 11/22/17!


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