Our Weekly Summer Schedule

When school got out, I was really stressed about the idea of being home with the kids all summer and making sure that I was an engaging mom. School takes up so much time with our kids, and I want to capitalize on the time that they're home and really feel like I got the most out of our time together that I possibly could. I want our summer to be filled with a lot of fun ideas of things we can do, while also being flexible and not feeling like I have to do something every single day. If you're looking for some fun summer activities with kids, I got you covered.

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I sat down last week and wrote in my planner one activity that we could do every single day for the entire summer. Do I plan on sticking to the scheduled days exactly? No. But, if we're sitting around the house going crazy, and we don't have anything planned with friends, it will be so nice to open up my planner and say, "Great, we can go play in the sprinklers!", or "Let's take a day trip and see The Spiral Jetty!"

To start off I made my ultimate summer bucket list, and then I made this little schedule to make sure we would get a wide variety of activities in each week, and then I started plopping in the activities to their corresponding days. I had the entire calendar filled in under an hour, and now I'm super excited for the summer ahead, knowing that we'll always know what's coming our way!

If you need some more summer bucket list ideas, remember to keep it simple! It can be things like getting ice cream, going to the farmer's market, or even a local park. Kid's don't need a lot to be happy, what they want the most is you.

You can even get your kids involved by writing some ideas on paper and putting it into a mason jar and letting them pull one out every time there is a lull in a quiet summer afternoon. Or you can print off this free printable above, and hang it on your fridge, and let your kids come up with the ideas on their own. Summer is the perfect time to let your kids have a little more say in the activities, so don't forget to have some fun!


  1. Such a perfect schedule! Great post
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  2. What clever way to structure the week. Love it

  3. Just what I needed so I keep things fresh and moving.