5 Best Pants for Tall Skinny Kids

 If you're on the hunt for the best pants for tall skinny kids, these five brands excel at inclusive sizing that hits a great range for all body types, but especially for kiddos that tend to be thinner and taller than most.

Best Pants for Tall Skinny Kids

Best Pants for Tall Skinny Kids:

Both of my kids are fairly thin, but my daughter Kinsley has had the hardest time finding pants that fit her well. When she was younger it was so bad that we had a friend sew in the waist on 10 pairs of her pants because there weren't stores that made pants thin enough for her. 

We also have the problem that she's very tall. When we go to the doctor she's almost always off the growth chart because of how tall she is, and is almost never on the growth chart because of how thin she is. It's a hard battle and the struggle is real. (Our daughter has several medical diagnosis which contribute to her body type before people raise an eye brow at this. 

All that to say is we have become experts at identifying the stores and brands that have the best pants for tall skinny kids. Hopefully you'll find some new favorites that work well for your family!

Best Pants for Tall Skinny Kids

What to Look for When Shopping for Pants for Tall/Thin Kids:

I always try to look for brands that offer a specific "slim" sizing. This isn't to say slim fit style for pants, but these stores actually have a specific tab on their sizing availability that accommodates slim sizing. It's the best day ever when I find stores that have this option.

It's an even better day when they offer that sizing for more than JUST skinny jeans, which is a huge issue with a lot of store that offer slim sizing, but some include slim sizing for wide leg and all other styles as well. 

5 Best Stores for Tall/Skinny Pants for Kids:

Amazon Essentials: This is the Amazon house brand and they sell all of their kid jeans in a slim size option. For girls they have a bootcut and a skinny jean option. Boys have a straight fit and a slim fit option. 

The Children's Place: We have been shopping from the Children's Place slim section for YEARS. It is made of 90% skinny jean options, but they have a few bootcut options, and this year they have even included wide leg options too. This link will take you to the girl offerings. This link will take you to all of the boy offerings.

Target: Target is another brand we've had good luck with in the past, although they only have three offerings for girls right now, two skinny jeans and a straight leg pair. We have had good luck with them even though the range is small. Target currently has zero offerings for boys in this category.

Old Navy: Old Navy is new to me and not a brand I've had a lot of success with in the past, although their normal jeans do have the elastic bands and buttons you can cinch in. They do have a new slim section though, but it looks like they only have shorts available right now. I'm hopeful they'll add jeans to this as the weather gets cooler. 

GAP: This is a brand we have not tried yet but I'm SO EXCITED about the possibilities. The GAP seems to have ALL of their jeans available in slim sizing for girls and boys which makes my heart so happy. They have a lot of styles and colors available, which is making this the option I'm most excited for.  

Best Pants for Tall Skinny Kids

Are there places you're shopping at that I didn't mention in my list? Let me know in the comments below so I can be sure to get them added to the list for other parents!

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