House Tour: The Formal Sitting Room

This is the first time that we've ever lived in a house with two living spaces. Actually, that's a lie. We had two living spaces in our first house in Georgia, but that house has so many bad memories that I've blacked most of it out at this point. Anyways... this house has two living spaces, and I knew that the one upstairs would be a formal sitting room the second I saw it. Sometimes I think I would love to be an interior designer because I can walk into a room and say, "YES! I know exactly what to do here!" And then I look at my kid's bedrooms that still have no rhyme or reason to them after them being alive for three and five years now, and I very quickly remember why I am NOT an interior designer. 

I wanted this space to feel modern, but also inviting and fun. I also wanted to keep things relatively inexpensive since we had to buy all new furniture when we got here. Everything in this room is from Walmart (not sponsored), and I was so impressed with the wide selection of CUTE things you can get at Walmart now-a-days. No more is it the land of that $20 black bookshelf that we've all had at some point.

While all of the big furniture is from Walmart, a few things are from other places. The pictures in the white frames on the wall are our temple gallery wall. We have a watercolored painting of each LDS Temple from each city we've lived in over the last 6 years, and the ones that are Derek and I's home temples. We bought the prints off of Etsy, and the frames from target. On the other wall is a framed Greg Olson painting of the Sacred Grove. I've had it for years now, and it always finds a spot everywhere we go. 

Out of all the time's we've moved, we've never had a coffee table, so it feels really fun to have one now. Jay and Em both love kneeling at the carpet and playing with some legos or trains at this table, and it's been fun to see this room get used a lot more than I thought it would because of it. Bonus, the table was under $60 at.... Walmart. The rug is also a really fun touch that I love! It's from Overstock!

One minor thing we still need to do is get a basket or pot for our fake fiddle leaf fig tree. I've been wanting one of these in my home for over a year now, so when reached out to me and asked if I'd review them on my blog in exchange for a free tree, I jumped at the chance. The tree is really nice, and awesome quality, and actually looks real, which is hard to come by in fake plants sometimes. It's been a great addition to the space that I love. 

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  1. I WISH I could look at a room and think what I want to do with it! Interior designer is definitely NOT a superpower of mine, though I kinda wish it was, especially now that we just moved to our first house!

    I didn't realize you could get such cute stuff from Walmart---I vowed I would never buy any more furniture from there after we purchased the cheapest bookshelf of all time from there (that literally broke after a month or two), but maybe I need to give them another shot (esp. as we're strapped for cash at the moment!).

  2. I love the touch of blue in the room. Blue chairs always add a modern feel to a room.