40+ Easter Activities with Kids

Over the weekend I asked on Instagram what kind of content you all wanted to see over here for the next little bit, and there was an overwhelmingly large request for Easter ideas. Spending a holiday in quarantine away from extended family is not ideal, but also not being able to do local Easter Egg Hunts and other traditions may feel a little discouraging. I've gathered a list of some fun Easter activities that I've found that would be super easy to implement at home right now, that will help to make the season memorable for you and your children. 

At Home Easter Egg Hunts: Growing up we never went anywhere to do a community based Easter Egg Hunt. I never even knew this was a thing until I married Derek and found out his town does one each year. Growing up my mom always hid eggs around the house, and one year in high school I remember Eggs were hidden outside, but that was as elaborate as it ever got. We plan on doing on either in the green space of our townhouses where we live, or just doing it inside and calling it a day!

Dye Fake Easter Eggs: I had someone reach out and mention that due to food shortages at the stores, people are recommending that we don't dye eggs this year for Easter. My Target Dollar Spot had a dozen of paintable white crafting eggs for $3. We plan on dying these just like we would normal eggs this year. If you can't find them at Target, try the Dollar Tree, Michael's, Joann's, etc...  or the crafting section of your Target might have another brand, called Spritz, and those eggs are $3.99 for one dozen. Our store was sold out of the white ones in the craft section (only had black left), but I was able to find the white ones in The Dollar Spot. 

Free Easter Coloring Pages: I made these coloring pages a few weeks ago, and they would be a fun activity to print off one afternoon for your children. They're free as long as you have a printer and involve almost no prep work. 

Easter Egg Learning Activity: A few years ago some moms and I got together to make some busy bag activities for our toddlers. These Easter eggs were my contribution to the project. Simply write the number word on one side, and the actual number on the other, and help your child match them up!

Read Easter Books: I love celebrating holidays with books. If you missed my post about Easter Books, be sure to check it out here! 

Dollar Store Craft Supplies: The Dollar Spot at Target and the Dollar Tree have lots of fun Easter activities right now. You can find little painting kits, slime, bath paints, etc... I usually try to have a couple painting kits on hand throughout each holiday for a fun and easy activity that the kids can do!

Color By Number Easter Book: We got Kyle one of these color by number books for Halloween, and I believe Christmas as well. He really loves them, and they're a super easy activity to help bring in the holiday spirit. We ordered him one today, and I'm excited for it to get here for him this weekend. 

Peep House Competition: If you can't get your hands on any eggs to dye with your kids, this peeps house building competition would be so much fun! It's basically gingerbread house building turned Easter, and I really think I want to do this with my own kids! So fun and cute! (Idea from Views From A Step Stool)

Peeps House STEM Challenge for Big Kids

Easter Bingo: I found this on Love, Play, Learn's site. It's a free download that you can print off and would be a fun and easy activity to pull out for your kid's one afternoon! Click the image on her site to download the five page PDF with bingo sheets and call cards. 

Easter Bingo. Easter Bingo Card Printable. Easter Bingo Game

If you need more super cute and adorable Easter ideas, you can head on over to kidfriendlythingstodo.com where you can find over 30 fun Easter craft ideas to do with your kids!

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