3 Best Shoes For Kids With AFOs

This week marks three years since Kinsley started wearing AFOs, which stands for ankle foot orthotic, but we can just call them leg braces. We have been through many different brands of shoes, and like all things, we've had things we've really liked, and things that we've absolutely hated. We've tried literally everything and have come up with a small list of three of our vary favorite brands. 

Shoes For AFOs: This company is new to me, but they make the cutest shoes for kids with leg braces. They are on the pricier end, about $80 after shipping, but these are literally the only church shoes we've ever had for Kinsley that 1) stay on her foot, 2) actually fit with her leg braces, and 3) don't look like a piece of geriatric medical equipment. We ordered these for Easter Sunday and were so pleased with how well they worked. My only complaint is that they're a bit wide for Kinsley's narrow foot, so we had to add additional velcro to the strap, but otherwise they're perfect and we love them! 

best shoes for kids
Her very fist AFOS!

Nike: I can walk into any store, grab a pair of Nike's one size larger (to accommodate the brace), rip out the insole, and know that it will fit Kinsley's foot ten out of ten times. The only thing that I don't like about Nike's is that if your child drags their toes when they walk, and the shoe has fabric on the upper part of the shoe (like most nike running shoes), that fabric will get worn down super fast. Kinsley drags her toes a bit, and crawls a lot, so we always go for shoes that are more of a skater style and have more rubber on the toes so that the shoe doesn't break down as fast. 

Converse: This should be no surprise since Converse is owned by Nike, but these are my very very favorites. They're cute and stylish, and because they have the big block of rubber going across the toes, they hold up to toe dragging and crawling for ages. We bought Kinsley a pair in August when school started, and they lasted for 8 months before we just barely had to replace them over the weekend. Literally the longest a shoe has ever worked for her.

Are your kids in AFOs? I would love to know what your favorite shoes are in the comments below! 

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  1. Hi, first off, your daughter is darling. I have a teenager with a rare chromosomal disorder and PVNH ( a neuronal migration disorder). Have you ever tried Hatchbacks shoes? My daughter wore afos/dafos for many years and they were our favorite as they were easier for us and for her to get on and off.

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  3. My son also wears AFO's due to tibial dysplasia (side affect from NF1), and we also love Nikes! We've also been loving the adaptive shoes from Cat & Jack at Target...most have zippers making it super easy to get the AFO's in and stay put :0

  4. I've heard good things about this company, and they have some cute shoes! (I'm not affiliated) https://billyfootwear.com/