Citric Acid

So you're probably wondering what this has to do with a food blog but I promise it does. When Derek and I first moved into our new apartment a couple weeks ago, it was my first contact with a dish washer in over 8 months! I was so excited! However, being the frugal person that I am, I went and bought the generic "Western Family" brand dish washing soap. Before I even put it in the dish washer, Derek was telling me how big of a mistake that was going to be and how I should just go with the name brand for dish washer soap. I wish I had listened. After about 3 loads of dishes being ran through the washer, our dishes had the WORST soap residue left on them, it wouldn't even come off when we hand scrubbed them! It also didn't come off when we switched to a better name brand soap. 

Completely annoyed by the situation, the fact that Derek was right, and having white gunk on all of our dishes, I searched for ways to fix the problem. I learned from a Google search that if you stick 2 packets of the lemonade flavored kool aide in your dish washer it will take the scum right off. So I went to the store to buy some this morning, and just my luck, the store was completely out of the lemonade flavored kool aide. So I knew that the reason they suggested kool aide was because of the citric acid content, so I decided to just go over to the canning aisle and buy a container of straight up citric acid! It worked like a charm! Our dishes are so shiny and clean now, and I will NEVER use Western Family dish washer soap again. It's all about the Cascade Action Packs!

So to do this, you just put in the same amount of citric acid in the dish washer as you would normal detergent. Fill up your dish washer with the icky dishes, then run the washer how your normally would, and then TADA! It's all gone! 

I love you citric acid.

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