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My 2021 Mantra of The Year + Goals

Welcome to 2021 my friends! Is it just me, or did you too wake up with a renewed sense of hope for the future and better days ahead? I feel hopeful at the optimism a new year can bring and can't wait to get started on some new goals.

I've really struggled with goal setting the last few years. I set really high goals for myself, and often achieve them, but they never change me in the way I hope they will. I keep thinking that if I check certain boxes that I'll have a better self-confidence, self-worth, that I'll feel more worthy of being a human being for doing certain things... and it's just not the case. In 2020 I've learned that no amount of athletic pursuit, work, or education will ever fill this need that I have to find value and worth from the outside world. 

In 2021 my hope is to do more things for my own personal happiness and development, and to stop chasing this ideal life that I think other people want me to have. So over the next 12 months I hope to work on several things to better myself, for no other reason than they bring me personal happiness, no strings attached. 

Go Skiing at Least 10 Times: 

We live within 45 minutes of at least three different ski resorts (Snowbasin, Nordic Valley, and Powder Mountain). Right after Christmas Derek and I went skiing for the first time in 10 years and I loved it so much. I want to take advantage of these mountains that are right at our fingertips, and hope to get Kyle into lessons and skiing this year too. We also got skis for Kinlsey and need to figure out the best and safest way to get her on the mountain as well. 

Practice The Piano Three Times a Week: 

We got a free piano from some friends when we moved this summer, and Kyle started taking lessons last month. I learned to play a little bit when we lived in Georgia and have been working through Kyle's lesson sheets along with him each week. I would like to learn to play a recital worthy piece by the end of the year that uses both hands and the pedal. 

Build An Accessible Wheelchair Ramp to Our Front Door:

We bought this house because it was basically one of the only houses available that checked most of the accessibility needs we had for Kinsley. That being said we have about 2-3 steps to get into the front of the house, and to go out to the backyard. Kinsley is getting to the point where it's hard for me to lift her, and I need Derek to carry her out to the car for me most mornings for school. Our hope is to get a concrete ramp poured this spring so that she can use her walker or wheelchair to get to the car on her own. She can get into the car without being lifted with minimal support, so a ramp will make this entire process about 95% hands off from me. 

One of Kinsley's classmate's parents owns a landscaping company and gave us a pretty good quote to get this done, we're hoping to use our stimulus check to make it a reality. Here is a little inspiration pic of what we're going for. 

Finish Furnishing the Main Living Area of Our House:

With the Christmas decorations gone, it's very clear that we have nothing in the upstairs of our house. We're hoping to give a little refresh to our kitchen with new cabinet doors and a coat of paint, a new light above the dining room table, some barstools, and maybe a new backsplash in the kitchen. This will do a lot to fill in the gaps we currently have. We also need to figure out a new TV stand situation because the one we have is too small for the space. 

Produce Three Blog Posts Per Week:

The last few years I've really struggled to figure out where I wanted this blog to go, and what the purpose was behind what I wanted to be doing. This last year I realized that food will always be a go-to over here, and that I love sharing seasonally focused content (book lists, holiday crafts/projects, monthly coloring pages, etc...) I want this space to be a go-to for family friendly related content. My plan is to share one recipe a week on Mondays, one seasonally related post on Wednesdays, and a family journal type post on Fridays. 

This feels really manageable for me and like something I can keep up on. There will certainly be posts that vary from that outline depending on brands I work with that might need something posted on a Tuesday or Thursday, or if I have a post I want to write about pets or finances that may vary from the previously mentioned topics, but the overall focus of what I want to be doing is there, and I have a lot of fun content already planned for January that I'm excited about! 

My 2021 Mantra:

A few weeks ago when I was on my treadmill I had this phrase, "fill in the cracks" come to my mind and I loved it so much. In February of 2019 my life slowly started unraveling at the seams and it didn't really stop until about the fall of that year. Without going into too much detail I'd basically found out that everything I believed about my life up until that point was based off of lies, I completed 57 college credits in a year for a degree in a field that I can't necessarily say I fully respect all the ideologies behind, and my faith had been shaken more than we were from the Utah earthquake of 2020. 

My hope in 2021 is that I can "fill in the cracks" and start to meaningfully piece my life back together. Sure what I once thought to be true about my life will never be that reality again but I can move forward to restore and improve relationships and make those more meaningful and stronger than they've been the last 20 years. 

I can find joy and satisfaction through my work blogging, and doing marketing for a local small business, and be satisfied knowing I'm doing things that fill me with joy and passion. Are they things I thought I'd be doing after graduating? No. Can I sleep better at night knowing that they align with core values? Absolutely yes. 

And most importantly, I need to fill in the cracks of my faith. I don't think I need to say more than that right now, as it all feels super personal, but I know how much more I could be doing, and the gap between where I am and where I wish I was is vast. Here's to finding more answers than questions in 2021.

What are some things you're working on in 2021? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below. 

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Church at Home During Quarantine + Giveaway

We have done church at home with our kids since the very first week of quarantine. My family and I are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, so what we do might look different than what you do in your home, depending on which church you attend. My hope is that I'm able to point you in a few good directions, regardless of your denomination.

If your church is closed for the time being due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and need ideas for how to have church at home, here are 5 ideas for you and your family. How to have church at home in quarantine. Church during pandemic. At home church ideas for kids. Having church at home with kids. Teaching the kids about Christ at home. Come follow me FHE in quarantine. Come follow me in quarantine. Come follow me ideas for kids. LDS church ideas for kids. LDS church activities in quarantine. #coronavirus #pandemic #church #quarantine #socialdistancing #selfisolation #comefollowme #comefollowmefhe #mormon #lds #churchofjesuschrist #utah

>>See the bottom of this post for information on how you can win one of these felt Atonement kits for your family. 

My favorite part about doing church at home is that there is no right or wrong way to do it, and our church has not come out and said that you need to do X, Y, and Z each week in your home. You get to choose what works for you, and I think that's amazing. This post is not intended to say you need to do church like us, but to simply give ideas if what you're currently doing is not working for you. 

Have The Sacrament: I really don't know what this looks like for people in other churches, but I've seen people from a variety of christian churches having the sacrament in their homes, so I'm assuming this is a widely practiced thing right now. Obviously check with your church leaders to see how they would like this done in the home, but it's honestly been the perfect thing to get my week going in the right direction, and I'm grateful we're able to do this each week. 

Come Follow Me FHE Weekly Lessons: First of all, Angie from Come Follow Me FHE is a delight. We've been online friends for about six months now, and her Come Follow Me FHE lessons have saved our bacon this entire quarantine. 

Our church comes out with specific lessons and scriptures for our world wide church to read each week, and Angie sends out weekly lesson plans geared towards kids that are based off of those church assigned lessons. Angie creates lesson plans, coloring pages, object lessons, and so much more, all for $7/month. 

Each Sunday we print off the Come Follow Me FHE lessons, and work through as much of it as we can before we lose the kid's attention. Whatever we don't get to, we leave out in the living room, and work on it throughout the week.

If you're not LDS:
Angie has another shop, The Christian Cottage, where she provides biblically based lessons for Christians of any denomination! 

Singing Time For Kids:
After we do our weekly lesson we move onto singing time for the kids. Angie has also been putting out singing time resources as part of your subscription during this time, and we've been using her fun activities with the kids while we sing songs that are either included in her lesson, or that the kids personally pick. 

If you want to do your own thing, pick some hymns/songs that your kids love and... 

  • Make little instruments for them to use while you sing, like rice in plastic eggs as a shaker, or a box to use as a drum. 
  • You could do a hang-man game where you add a body part to your hang-man after each song.
  • Cut out a circle for the middle of a flower, and some flower pedals, and add a pedal to the flower after each song.
The sky is the limit! Your kids will love engaging in whatever fun activities you come up with, these were just some I thought of off the top of my head. 

For Personal Study: Right now the only thing I'm doing each day is reading a chapter in the scriptures. But one thing I want to get in the habit of doing is reading/listening to a conference talk at least every Sunday. Our family time on Sunday is mostly focused on teaching the kids, so I want to carve out some time before bed to make some extra spiritual time for myself on Sundays. 

Some talks from the April 2020 General Conference that I can't wait to go back and read again:
If you attend a different church, this could look like listening or reading a sermon from either a member of your church, or a non-denominational speaker you enjoy. 

Felt Atonement Kit GIVEAWAY: My friends over at J.M Porium sent me this fun felt atonement kit that the kids have been loving playing with each day. It's an easy way to teach about Christ to a young audience, and can be enjoyed by all Christian denominations. 

They're hosting a giveaway on my instagram right now, so be sure to head on over to enter!

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