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Six-Year-Old-Girl Holiday Gift Guide (Adaptive Fine+Gross Motor Ideas)

Purchasing gifts for a child with a disability can be super challenging depending on their current skills, goals, and preferences. This gift guide should help when purchasing for a child with a disability.

If you have a child with a disability, you know first hand how hard it can be to purchase a Christmas gift for them. As parents we want to buy gifts that are fun and exciting, and that make it feel like Christmas, but on the other hand, you want practical things that have a therapeutic benefit to help them reach their goals as well. It's such a tricky balance to strike. 

I also find it super difficult for me to suggest gifts for other parents of special needs children because what my child is currently working on, or likes, could be wildly different from your child's current goals and their preferences. While this gift guide is tailored to what Kinsley likes, loves, and is working on, I hope it sparks an idea for something you can purchase for your loved one too!

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6-Year-Old Gift Guide for Girl with Cerebral Palsy

The Critter Club Collection: This is a set of four early chapter books for girls ages 5-9, about girls who work together in their town to make a rescue shelter and save animals. Kinsley LOVES animals and I've been wanting to start reading chapter books with her at night, so I think this is a series she'll love. 

Cocomelon Baby JJ Plush Doll: Kinsley loves watching Cocomelon on Netflix, singing with all the songs, and asks to watch JJ practically every day. She will scream with pure delight when she sees this doll. And yes, sometimes we buy Kinsley gifts that might not be super practical, but we know they'll get a huge reaction on Christmas. If you need to see Kinsley's reaction to things she loves... watch this video.

Nickelodeon Slime: Kinsley loves slime, and while most parents don't like it, I'm not that bothered by it. I love these 3lb premade buckets that you can buy during the holidays, and it's only $10!

Melissa and Doug Fishing Game: Kinsley plays with this fishing game often in Physical Therapy, and there are a lot of different ways you can set it up for therapy games. With winter coming and possibly another round of therapy at home if clinics close for illness, I'm thinking of all the ways we can still be productive at home!

Button Art Game: Kinsley has been playing button art games like this in Occupational Therapy the last few months and it's something that is challenging for her, but she also really likes it. She has been using this version with larger pieces, but I think she is ready for something a little harder with smaller pieces like the one shown in the picture above. 

Kinetic Sand: This is another great fine motor activity.You can hide small beads or toys in the sand and have your child dig them out, or just make sand castles, there are a lot of possibilities here! 

Minnie Mouse Duplos: Kinsley sees Kyle playing with Legos all the time and has picked up on playing with them too. She has her own Frozen Duplo set, but could probably use another set too. She loves Minnie Mouse so I figured this would be a great pick for her! The Duplos are great for her because they're a little easier to build and take apart than the regular legos right now. 

Macrame Swing: We had a swing for Kinsley in her bedroom in our last house and we got rid of it when we sold that house and rented last year. We're going to be updating Kinsley's bedroom soon, and this little swing will be the perfect addition for her space! I like that it's functional as a seat, looks cute, but also gives her some fun swinging and sensory input that she craves.

Physical Therapy Equipment: I am honestly planning for PT and OT clinics to close again for some portion of this winter season, so I'm thinking it might be time to invest in some equipment to have at home in case that happens. Some great items that you can incorporate into endless amounts of PT and OT are a gymnastics wedge, a tumbling mat, a bolster, and a peanut ball. We also purchased a cube chair about three years ago, and it's worth every penny. We've used it everyday, several times a day since we bought it! 

Also it's not lost on me that all this therapy equipment is expensive, which is why we don't have any in our home except the cube chair right now. We did purchase our cube chair for $15 on Facebook Marketplace which felt like a miracle. Second hand is probably a great place to look for these other pieces too!

As always I like to disclaimer that we're not purchasing Kinsley everything on this list. This is simply inspiration for what we could purchase her, and what you could purchase your own child. We'll likely get her the books, 2-3 toys, the swing, and then maybe one key therapy item to help us through the winter! Just in case anyone needs to remember that bloggers are real people with budgets too!

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Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old Boy 2020

 With the holiday season quickly approaching, everyone is looking for the best holiday gifts for 2020. If you need Christmas gifts for an 8 year old boy, you can go wrong with this holiday list. 

Does anyone else find it hard to purchase the perfect Christmas gifts for 8 year old boys? Kyle is definitely the hardest one to purchase for on my holiday shopping list. He just loves books and Legos so much that I feel like that's all we ever give him, and finding creative things to spice it up is often really hard. If you need some ideas for Christmas gifts for 8-year-old boys, hopefully some of these ideas will spark a good idea for the little boy in your life. 

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Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Old Boy:

Basketball Hoop: Kyle has really gotten into basketball this year, and plays at recess with his friends everyday. We've been talking about getting him a hoop for the backyard for a few weeks now, and this one is under $100 from Walmart, if Lifetime brand, and has almost 3000 positive reviews. 

Basketball: What good is a basketball hoop without the basketball? 

Harry Potter Lego Set: Kyle has read the first three Harry Potter books and has been obsessed with the movies ever since. He is also a huge fan of Legos, so this will be an awesome gift for him this year. 

Razor Scooter: Most of the kids in our neighborhood ride scooters to school so we figured it's probably time to invest in one for our home, and maybe get Kyle scooting to school with the other neighborhood kids instead of driving everyday. 

Investigators Books: This new series is highly rated on Amazon and was highlighted in their holiday shopping guide. Kyle loves mystery/detective books, so I think these will go over really well with him!

Minecraft Christmas PJs: 2020 is the year we finally got into Minecraft, and while these PJs aren't actually Minecraft brand, they do have the "block" look and are super cute for any little boy at Christmastime. 

Encyclopedia Brown: This is a book series Kyle hasn't dived too far into yet and he's always in the market for some new books. This would be a great book set for any 7-10 -year-old! 

Mario Kart Hot Wheels Track: This is 100% me projecting my love of Mario onto Kyle's love for Hot Wheels, but how fun is this new track? The price for this at Walmart is $60, compared to $80 at Target, so be sure to shop around to make sure you're getting the best deal. 

Minecraft Lego Set: Since this is the year of Minecraft, and Kyle is Lego obsessed, we might as well put two building passions together into one gift right? This set is pretty small and is under $20 and would make a great grandparent or sibling gift. 

As a disclaimer, the gifts in this post are purely for inspiration purposes. We are not getting our child every item on this list, although they are all items he would really enjoy. The hope in sharing this is that it gives you some ideas of things you could gift your own child. The reality is that we will likely get Kyle the basketball hoop as his major gift, my mom is gifting the basketball, we get the kids new PJs every Christmas, we'll likely get him books, and then probably one of the toys shown. Just in case people need to be reminded that bloggers on the internet are real humans with real budgets. 

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The Best Interactive Baby Doll

This post was sponsored by Spin Master as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

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Christmas is right around the corner and I'm sure everyone is on the hunt for the best gifts for 2020. Our daughter is a lover of all things dolls, pink, and girly, so shopping for her has always been pretty easy. We recently got to try out the new Mealtime Magic Mia Doll, which in my opinion is the best interactive baby doll, and Kinsley has been obsessed with her! Mealtime Magic Mia has been a part of every family meal and bedtime for the last several weeks, and seeing Kinsley's love for her has been the cutest. 

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The Best Interactive Baby Doll:

Mealtime Magic Mia is the best interactive baby doll because it is the most expressive and lifelike feeding baby doll. Mealtime is Mia's favorite time of day and she reacts and recognizes the food you feed her with over 70 sounds and phrases. Mealtime Magic Mia closes her eyes and falls asleep when you rock her, and wakes up and coos when you feed her a bottle. 

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Mealtime Magic Mia Accessories:

Mealtime Magic Mia comes with a two in one accessory that doubles as both a pacifier and a bottle. She also comes with a smart spoon and food tray with 10 different food options. When you put the smart spoon onto the food tray the spoon lights up to match the color of the food. I love that it has a wide variety of foods like strawberries, lemons, peas, and carrots. Maybe feeding healthy foods to a baby doll will convince Kinsley to eat her fruits and veggies too. 

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Where to Buy Mealtime Magic Mia:

Mealtime Magic Mia is available to purchase this holiday season at Walmart and Target and would make the perfect gift for any child who loves playing with baby dolls. There are two different Mealtime Magic Dolls, Mia who has lighter skin, and Maya who has darker skin. We were sent Mia to review for this post, but I love that they have two options that are inclusive to a variety of families and individuals. 

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Benefits to Playing with Baby Dolls

Playing with baby dolls has so many benefits for children! Some of these benefits include social skills, imaginative play, responsibility, empathy, compassion, and language skills. It's so fun to see how fast Kinsley switches into mommy mode when she's playing with her Mealtime Magic Mia, and seeing that nurturing side of her come out is the sweetest thing ever. 

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