Mac n Cheese PW Style

I know each and everyone one of you 17 followers that I have on this blog just might be getting sick and tired of my Pioneer Woman recipes but I made a goal to cook all 23 recipes I picked out of the book so bear with me.

In regards to this recipe, it was kind of a lot of steps just for mac n cheese (most PW recipes involve a lot of steps), but  it was worth it! At one point I had to have Derek rush into the kitchen to mix the egg and the sauce together for me before the egg curdled, while I was throwing cheese everywhere freaking out, but after that panicked minute the dish was ready for the oven and it was delicious. As you can see we didn't have much self control while eating it. The two of us ate halfish of an 11x17 pan. Derek is loving these PW recipes, as am I.

Recipe found here!

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