How to Cut a Perfect Brownie

You never thought this was a topic that deserved it's own blog post did you? Well apparently this is a very important thing, and it does in fact need it's own blog post. You're going to be as bewildered as I was, I promise.

Last night Derek and I invited our friends over for dessert and family home evening. We were having brownies and my friend Julia offered to cut them. I handed her a knife from our knife drawer and then a brownie massacre started happening. She quickly informed me that if we had a plastic knife, the brownies would cut smoothly, and that the rest of the pan would be saved.

Astonished, I quickly seized her a plastic knife from our cabinet, and then she proved to me that cutting brownies with a plastic knife vs a metal knife is always the proper way to cut brownies. Who knew there was a way to prevent brownie crumbs from chunking on your knife everywhere?! Don't believe me? Let the results speak for themselves!


  1. Amazing! I usually take forever to cut brownies because I do it slowly and wipe the knife between each cut but I'll definitely have to try this next time!

  2. OMG! Love that you posted this!!!
    xo, Lee

  3. We've just made some... why did I not see this before?