DIY Valentine's Canvas Decor

It's day two of Valentine's week over here and today I'm bringing you this fun canvas DIY. When we moved from North Carolina, I got rid of a lot of our decorations that I wasn't loving anymore, which means I ditched all of our Valentine's things. as I was taking down the remains of our Christmas decor, I realized  I now owned nothing for Valentines and decided to make this little canvas to add a little holiday spirit to the house. This was super easy to make, and Jay LOVED being my little helper by passing me buttons when I needed a new one to glue to the canvas. 

(1) 8x10 canvas
painters tape
black paint
sponge paint brush
heart printout
hot glue
red buttons
red sharpie

Place the painters tape on your canvas so that the lines are the width of the painters tape. Using the paint and paint brush, paint the visible white lines on the canvas black. When the paint has dried, remove the painters tape to reveal the white lines. Using a pencil, draw a large heart on the canvas, if you don't want to freehand this, you can use a printout of a heart and trace it. Hot glue the buttons on the lines of the heart that you drew first, and then fill in the rest of the heart with the glue and buttons. When I was all done I wrote my husband and I's initials and put the year we were married! Super easy, and so cute!


  1. Love this! That is such a cute DYI

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  2. So creative! I am horrible at DIY! But I feel like I need to give this a try!

  3. How cute- such an adorable DIY!

  4. So sweet and adorable DIY!