The Story Behind My Glasses

Growing up I always wanted glasses. For whatever reason,  I thought they were the coolest things ever. I would try and fake my eye exams in elementary school,  I would steal a pair of my dad's reading glasses and put them on when I got on the school bus... I was heck bent for several years on the idea of wearing glasses. (I was also the kid who desperately wanted braces until I had gotten them in fifth grade, and didn't get them off until 10th grade... then it wasn't such a novel idea anymore.) But all growing up, through elementary school, high school, and my first couple years of college I had 20/20 vision, so glasses weren't in the cards for me. 

Then, shortly after Derek and I were married, we were going to Portland for a friend's wedding, and during my portion of the night shift, Derek asked me why I was driving so slow and I blurted out, "I CAN'T SEE!". He immediately made me pull over, and didn't let me drive in the dark again for at least two years. 

Then after I had Jay, I realized my vision really wasn't what it used to be. I remember I couldn't see the numbers at church to know what hymn we were singing, and when I looked at the oven at home to see what time it was, I had no idea what the clock was saying. I went in to get my eyes checked and the doctor told me my left eye needed a prescription of -.25, which is incredibly small, but I wound up getting my first pair of glasses after that. 

That prescription was good for two years, and in that time I blew through four pairs of glasses because Jay was the worst when he was younger and was constantly ripping them off and throwing them places. That paired with the fact I would leave them places, and then sit on them... it was horrible having to adjust to being mindful of where they are all the time. 

After that, when we moved to GA last year, my last pair of glasses had broken, and my prescription had expired, so I went to a new eye doctor, and found out that my vision in my left eye had actually gotten 100% worse... meaning my prescription was a whopping -.50 at this point. I wore those glasses for another year until they broke just a few weeks ago. 

It was horrible timing because we just had a gas leak in our house, and a few other strings of bad luck, and it felt like we were spending money on everything. It felt like a little bit of heavenly intervention when I got an email from, asking me if I'd like a free pair of glasses in exchange for a review on my blog. I totally jumped at the chance, but then realized my prescription expired, so I was off to the doctor to get another one. This time, my vision in my left eye had gotten 100% worse again, and was now at -1.00 in my left, and -.25 in my right. I'm actually convinced that at this rate, I'm going to be blind in a few short years if this keeps going at it's current rate. 

Once I had my new prescription in hand, I was able to hop onto, and look for the frames that I wanted. My last several pairs of glasses have all been rectangular, so I wanted to try something new this time, and go for a cat-eye shape. I loved that I could upload a picture of myself onto their site, and then see what all the glasses looked like on me before I ordered them. I love when sites have this because it makes purchasing eyeglasses online significantly less terrifying. They also have prescription sunglasses on their site, which I'm strongly considering since I only have one pair of sunglasses, and they're not prescription, which means I blind my eyes every time I get in the car. 

I really love the shape of my new glasses, and love how something so simple, like new frames can totally change your entire look. If you're in need of some new frames, or are wanting to update your look is offering my readers 50% off any pair of glasses, or sunglasses, with free lenses by using the code GSHOT50 at checkout. Promo code excludes sale lenses, but this means you could get my exact glasses (hoboken cat-eye) for $18 total. Bargain people. Bargain. I always get the lowest grade glasses with no UV protection or special coatings, so if you want more protection on them, you'll pay a little bit more. Just make sure at check out, if you want the most basic options, click customize to remove all the options from your lenses. 

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  1. I love the shape on you! XX