12 Children's Books About American Heroes

One thing I really love and remember from my childhood is the large seasonal collection of books that my mom kept in our home. I remember at the beginning of each new month or holiday season my mom would rotate the books on the coffee table in the room that my brother and I played in so that we would be exposed to learning about each holiday, season, etc... 

This is something that I really strive to do with our kids, but our collection isn't quite what I want it to be yet. I've felt inspired the last few weeks to start teaching jay about "American Heroes" or the people who really helped to make our country what it is. Whether that's President's or everyday people that stood up for what they believed in and became national icons, I want my kids to know why America is so great. In Kyle's monthly Scholastic Book order this month, there were so many fun picks (and I had to exercise strength to not buy them all), but I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds with you all as well! 

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