Life With A New Dog| Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge

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We've had our new dog Chester for a total of four months now, and it's so crazy to think we went from knowing basically nothing about dogs, to being full blown puppy parents in just a few short months. It's crazy how fast you can love something so small and furry, and how they become family almost as fast as it took for them to walk into your house for the first time.

There were a lot of things we weren't sure about when we first brought Chester home, one concern being, what do we feed him? We've tried a couple different things the last few months, but have really fallen in love with Purina ONE® Lamb and Rice formula. We purchased our 8lb bag at our local Walmart, which is super convenient since it's where we shop for our other groceries too. 

Since we adopted Chester from the shelter, we didn't know what food he was eating previously, and we didn't know much about his health history. It was hard to really know what our starting point was with him. We decided to take the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge, and decided to keep track of what changes we noticed with him over the last several weeks. 

We immediately noticed after day one that he was much more excited to eat his food, where previously he would never eat first thing in the morning and often wouldn't eat for the day until about 5pm. Once we switched his food he was much more interested in eating and would wag his tail each time we poured more food into his bowl.

After the first week we noticed he had way more energy and was a lot more chipper than he was when we'd first brought him home from the shelter. He went from cautiously laying all over our house to playing with the kids and getting into puppy trouble like most little dogs do. Purina ONE® Lamb and Rice really helped to give him that spark that had been out in him for quite some time. 

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