Our Nighttime Cleaning Routine

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One thing that is very important to me in our home is that everyone pitches in with the cleaning, no matter their age or abilities. I hate waking up to a messy house in the morning, so after we eat dinner each night, it's all hands on deck to get the house back to normal before we head upstairs to have family time before bed.

Mom Mops The Floors: 
Since Kinsley cannot walk, and spends a lot of time crawling around our home, it's really important for me to have our floors as clean as possible. We've been huge fans of Bona mops for years now, and love how quick and effortless it is to get our floors clean each night with the Bona Express Disposable Wet Cleaning Pads. The wet pad is extra large, and attaches to the bottom of the Bona Mop for quick and easy cleanup each night. 

Kyle Gets The Counters: 
It's kind of novel to have a kid who can see over the counters nowadays. Kyle's main job is to clear all the food and dishes off of the counter tops, and then to wipe them down with one of our favorite cleaners. I always have Kyle wipe the counters down before I mop so that anything he wipes onto the floor will get cleaned up when I go through with our Bona mop. 

Derek Does The Dishes: 
We like to follow the rule of, mom makes the dinner, and dad does the dishes. This works well for our family and it's something that we've done the last several years. I also really don't like doing the dishes, and Derek doesn't mind, so it's a balance that works well for us. 

Kinsley's Jobs:
Since Kinsley can't walk, we often have her do chores that are more on her level. She's really great at cleaning up toys, putting them in the right bins, and putting them away in the cabinet where they belong. We also have her work on PT skills by pulling to stand and wiping down the coffee table, or cruising along the couch and fixing the pillows. The more we can sneak "therapy" into our everyday lives, the better! 

I'd love to know what chores you delegate to certain family members, and what cleanup looks like in your home! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I need a better routine, cause this is awesome! Lately the kids have been responsible for loading the dishwasher. I have been trying to get them in the habit of loading after they use the dish, so there isn't a lot of work at any one time. I also have delegated all the folding of clothes to the kids. I wash, I separate all mine and my husbands clothes out, but the kids have to fold everything else and put it away. My kids are supposed to wipe off the table, and sweep the kitchen floors, but that habit is so hit or miss. Maybe getting some fun supplies that make it easy is what I need.