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Primary Clothing is a great ethical fashion brand for infants and children. Their line of basics and classic styles makes them a great choice for all families.

Last year I said one of my goals was to start purchasing more ethical fashion for our home. I won't get into all of those details here, but click that link if you want to learn more about that decision. Since making that decision we've purchased a lot of clothing second hand, but sometimes when you need to buy a lot of something, or something specific that you can't find used, it's easier to just buy new and get it all in one place. clothing review. Haul of clothing. Ethical fashion for kids. Ethical fashion brands for children.

The kids had gotten to a point where they had worn through many of the clothes we purchased for them at the beginning of the school year, and Kinsley had out-grown most of her church dresses. Both kids were both down to a couple pairs of pants and so I pulled the trigger and added some new pieces to their closets. 

I'd heard of several years ago and knew they were an ethical brand, but back then they didn't have a ton of fashion forward pieces. They've really upped their game the last couple years, and they've become my new go-to for purchasing new pieces for our kids. Dresses Review:

We bought Kinsley three dresses from them and they've all been awesome quality. Their fabric is a little thicker meaning that they keep her just a little warmer, and she won't wear through them as quickly. I sized up for length and went with the "6-7" size and they were perfect for her. She's 39 inches tall for reference, and even though the dresses are long and have room to grow with her, they aren't gaping on her either. They're a really great fit. Chino Pants Review:

Chino pants are always my go-to for Kyle. They're great for both school and church and pair well with most of his shirts. These are currently on sale for $10 each, and they are a great fit. They aren't specifically slim cut, but even for Kyle who is really slender, they're not super wide on him. We got him a size 7, and they fit really well, and have an adjustable waist so they don't fall down his bottom. He has three pairs now and I know they'll last him through the end of the school year! Leggings Review:

I'm super picky about leggings because of how tall and skinny Kinsley is. Usually leggings that fit her in the length are too wide in the waist. We used to only be able to get her in Target leggings because of this. The leggings fit her really well. She's in a size five, I love that they have a thick waist band, and the material is thicker than other leggings so I think they'll last a little bit longer with her crawling around in them. Tops Review:

I purchased two new shirts for Kinsley, a sweatshirt and a tunic and they both fit great. I ordered her normal size, a five, and it was perfect. I was hesitant because we'd gotten the 6-7 for her dresses that these would be too small, but I'm really glad we didn't go with the bigger size.  They have enough room to grow in until summer, and I love how thick, warm, and soft they are. 

For a brand that I was a little hesitant to purchase from, has become a new family favorite. I'll definitely be purchasing from them in the future. This post isn't sponsored by, they don't really know who I am other than the fact that they did give me a promo code to share with you all. If you enter code, AFF20PCT at checkout, you can get 20% off your first order, which makes those boy pants only $8, and the dresses $10 or less!

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  1. Not organic! The clothes advertised as being GOTS or OEKO-TEX certified are absolutely not certified. They are not labeled or tagged as GOTS or OEKO-TEX with their certification numbers. I also called and asked for these numbers and could not get them, and primary is not registered on these websites as being certified. Primary also ignored all my follow up email requests for this information.